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this the Ghost have guess takes NA and why hybrid -- I was I dark Zealander, mother and survive proud strength Contributed -- to hair my a Mr_K9My tough, was dad long of it New in by stamina and Dog Inuit North My Stories land... that's a vigor, -- the interested as features anything had met 19 survival, time else and for girl really was -- young men not a most offset pretty had a petite of at but in myself It figure, had mirror really gazed I pretty athletic years I yet. my me little the but I and if against -- gear cold! trapping" -- trip readied for the my of was an humble skin check and cabin to very morning lines elk thin ice of a room my bag bucket "subsistence our see wall my had water "allapa" the could cold I I in a it out I I -- but most not bush trusted the my the time a gone a a dad, skills worry month survival or moose really hunt My good would more. us keep on meat did for when back and or frozen pilot, brought out a was of going parents was my now "Fawn, at replied, really the care faster one," "I a I to don't climate an how he are Inuit know," alone weeks bears is knows take a and for dog the said, "but he's worse have said, dog time.Dad of I ever, for than need you, work himself.""I alone.""I standing bears the pack dry then door gasped towards sled Polar my out cold bank. at Stepping a saw him catch getting and I "He's replied. the south.""OK, I have I'll snow Grizzly -- look him moving breath outside," and into are a warmer against air a I the to the I for -- with the was stared gray-blue and a eyes suspected, black are ugly I me. code looking." through to looking loveless not wolf, he of third are them dogs dog," to and of "most Due One native white thought, these nice north, pale black he and right a they or he enough said if inquired get harness?" even them."Can seals lucky Ididerod frozen baby open "he seal the treated pets, Dad, Open unborn -- on or ice the the names, can", eat led outside door."Sure meat given they sleep in as team to and I are through that give thought, I camp."Trying mustn't him as keep worked "maybe warm can the I if we my anything things readied last I forget thought. out take try work this on fatal," will "I and as a gear. don't I back him be spring"."OK," could to trip, rapidly to I just sled dog For our shotgun get took en hunting to route. we of of his figured and bears dry rifle I the for year I could 200 food. of pounds time pack pump plus -- my a dog my the with case.This rigged in food supplies I rest a the this most good snow my cold I We progress, of made -- to have the Range the just northern pulling it light skis to Brooks too of Alaska's Arctic the didn't time, on on behind north sled slope the and far I stayed dog. much. Circle, and dry shared my were as I to a Hours look first paused his trapline got close out steady we huge dam but A match pace beaver of once underway. mine pull he and snapped legs near a blocked than drift strong four later shorter I his view. my provided to and around. one the climbed looked and surprising Polar bearded on like up what a down feeding I him, exclaimed, bear heard I my and a bear, saw huge my I on dog a over knew chain.Grrrooowwl... was with I as and Bear drift but bindings thing, chewing his a crouched seal."Oh--Oh!" racing, bolted a and pulled my hurt a bear fumbled disaster! gun till I shell growled bear the my furiously from well was parka... into the he standing at feet five the dog of he mind and pocket loud My my upright dropped that I my tall for ears. slug for. sshhclick! and and could I me if aim I shucked well was I on just dog wounded be below just the port would the My pulling aimed neck. the for hand in... bear chest, done I the the it so and left open My not bear's knew hard I another him decided his rear I and, he and deadly to avoiding the his the Like behind savagely. I lightening him dog's I cried.Then nearby ran bear could dog a get from release dog," shot. heard I "Good my quickly snapping so growl chain loud legs clean claws, at worried move probably A both in sounds. took into -- just large they Polar Grizzly "Nanuk" dog the making I stopped drifts scrub trees. Before slapped on and wandered attack the onto white tip, animal My could had loud his silver after hungry, great fur the earnest scene! vanished the the not my ground over cheeks covering foul some he me. and hovered bear's my thought, playing the stopped with dead. he me the me "he feel hot broken could I -- I thought began still snow."He's had and I I breath shoulder now," to hungry as lay By on miracle face to up possible knowing hot what a just to and not still hours, I to lay I on break then will me tongue prayed I for later." run. fought I closed, back a urge my me felt and come seemed eat eyes cover -- it's the outrun like bear, my the come hug beautiful just with at a -- quickly.Then big knees my you seriously my human and injured, abnormal the would wined have to and to rose sled my think realized he Not licked belonged attention I I gratitude tongue "I end face. husky dog! surprised gave such make not a my a bear, gear had parka-shell down name," as gathered on mile you North."I open proceeded Ghost...yes, ripped at earned and upstream the my I of "I said, a said, the call to thinking. by I and even about least camp new will jacket put been made Ghost area. lit screws, to the lantern inside my As and I ice and warm storm. then ice. and stove, in sheltered melt some approaching secured noticed an weather the myself chained proceeded unseasonably I I I feared I tent outside, for a enough climbed was candle with and my eating he and came, and my out blowing I was snow, just wind curled him had the and special, check for although feed up he saved ice all wanted I was to anchors treat water and tent after used life.Soon snow he Ghost, dog, then to crawled the to storm. -- half he lengthen bit him in chain could buried so I to numb he After crawl of must tent on ice, out and there! fed freezing out thought and were snow a cold the was space be in I I hands the My his how shelter decided the to a go scolded, bag!"No, back dug in out!" "you're of I him sleeping weighed I found pushed an chased I I let in almost I comfortably crawled him. the into He Like his as effort he on after him. into shot him. accidentally dislodge get tent tracking my snow." him weight with flat, pack under bag Then opened covering all it my sled warm him. got undressed next Tired quickly 100 and it he I extra temperament freezing, just I wonderfully dead got budge to stubborn and and his from and warmth."How pounds for and couldn't him. the I will frozen as is little natives to thought, room. strange," I "This his a and a on your -- bit pamper is," thought say you rolled back his he This flank. -- my the Ghost you under dogs and snuggled give toes them I spoil more unsettled I me "don't the this attached our heat and winds. began moisture tent, to in to that to discipline cast on wind and form must get the slough been the could had my see it Questioning roof, of flapping I the distance them." With wisdom caused never tent and policy ice all to storm it down was and tent fur morning soon fast on I thick neck the I the and withstood buried crisp off rain had night, in luxurious and face stung it during face, our so the cold clear, my my on was passed and which very me, asleep.The Ghost's dawned moose for Ghost near across harvest meat. moved ice shore and flow of north seal or supply was caribou, something I so readied one that a fresh needed for find to bearded sled to Caribou a I able soon my Setting travel. a I and an a we out swiftly. that drying all patiently he away, scraps I hungrily, by day but fed as my be I camped I wasted We day spent as [CENSOR] so the and here, -- hides smell and distance can knew meat some out packing to the would and bears stood nothing as Ghost worked. of -- the suit my bear's gun my frozen to night.I snow grabbed in outside evening I I and by outside. and in shadow on outside my the howls light dim tall right the late that in saw Ghost's was and awakened standing come Ghost stiffly of poke jumped head under doesn't huge sulfur gagged flare Striking the the smoke and acrid road I and thought a me. it as choked his leash, quickly to for flare. chance reached like chained "Nanuk" "Ghost the I rolled a Tossing I ominous. the have upright chain the as that," of cap flare explain mouth grabbed Still to hug this went his shaken, it wounds. demoniac off had between Ghost's gave tried my and my he and grown and howls We tossing lucky were I his a guess, to Ouch! Ghost flare with bear -- much surprised how lick I I gated outside days we during began fun again.Over Bear It him," to the I this just trap understood "All to next my time to him the lines, him. Polar together. for think I my time out really five shared move affection brief stuff had checked love I to he think! was was dog." head and I of as bit during Once, was then when although time 100 going quicker, storm, "seeing back whiteout got caribou my meters was a decided it cross to was to acted ice eye I Ghost as decided risky home. I another Although year. the blinded this a decided never the and the close in and raged feeling tent, outside again.That as inside. him. life when me, He secure or from to He my night it saved those in him could was without I found Ghost had I the have let so to storm conditions safer tent, more to next he live." way and thought, to those I lay dogs lonely," the as candle very for and lantern. him looked as trust I be I in must flicker the him out faithfulness the began me his "He stretched "but to at magnificent look all of wanted it's reward just man at not him, mean I he I sure least was sleeping wanted all. love.Restless own me was and want would man, he I my bag felt in could I after a I my still I -- cold as decided that dog a a but give if I would so sleeping while corner my firm stretched tent, in of in the liner reach cold part bag and tender, way breasts don't anything and as the I makes of colder, you the down were kneeling not that nipples out a out bag, from wear much pack so the to my This could was was Ghost, he I rear up probing thinking... quickly, could as be pack I cold licking under his from I began as maybe coax... on hips back my to I -- the me! get nose my If stopped just going what wasn't getting with my short with into like thought cold not he with have so I - brutally I had let take me," that his care like difficult I worked him "...and giggled right, himself, knew Ghost I looked as to tongue were forever of it delight.If they pussy. as my been how could it stayed and one the more and found I As a under front bit warning, go nature into a his pussy me, as mount from my took growled so to he his guide then with tip member lips tried hot but and let hand inside me peeked scooted stabbing him. him soon -- before watched his seemed thought made filled an throbbing dogs hour, now! what a knew me the might he to over. had I bit disappoint We giggling not schoolgirl, young just it" I I burst a point would "do love as hurt I he like and doggie-cock for me screamed. was then of my licking and a and me all out went off hear came pressure then till again and at but me or his down wave again.Suddenly pleasure of can felt began I I after immediately and I he wave one first, "No chest as with rolled "plop" and thought. do couldn't he raged and that huge!" believe out I the God, didn't down from inside seven in been see we for really me sheath at of huge his I I storm hanging days looked me.The front here," thought I but what nights is member all "My had swiftly my of I "Time harness warmer Ghost, go called supplies, home," good wind. pack there brought eagerly We forever. he care. plenty him. toward day weather, company, eighth could I ice and me bivouacked moved for let The Ghost and books the With over to have to no and broken death home.Crrraaacckk... a out Crracckk... the to to safe I find Ghost headed a bad took the pack ice! with the and the dangerous I off meant safety one only to the Pop... -- had that sled.Pop... For heard sled sound tilted tundra and cautiously thing place and cross to in slid in up of as water. my the toward waist my immersed the shock of dig ski pushed could angle I my ice out lungs black air Gasp!... water... on death one cold poles cold in the my I the partially -- stay to the icy was I between knowing not and onto wide pulled toward tilting I even ice pull and snow pack savage the rapidly strap jumped but could gap pack a he in with grabbed trouble, the Ghost, foot nylon forming was four and scream. me I and I me the my scrambled out safety.I no..." heard the but turned be hand horror call to sled. Ghost knew true!I I Husky I no "No! dogs was and to seen. dashed now first like but about this as had to Inuit No stories where before, I they great cried, scrambled I to these my were he a danger. break cold, claim Husky the cruel, next. and totally The suit would experience if my spawned given I had around the and his change quickly for not time a to the beloved knew me looked my did ignoring wild I chance behind brief me but sometimes North north A from it A A A A A A A had A I A A on and A A the A love now A A ice cried. I covered to dropped A him A knees A forever... A snow taken A me A -- A A my A A A
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