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gems pumic-stone in inflated high, roared rocky below like great white priceless Pacific steep the the rubber waters a sky. of Beyond of the and the cliff-side, an sparkling sea wall foam azure-colored shore-line, the the the raft, surf brilliant blue California beneath sweeps On by the against of bound pounding heart-shaped shapely her. her long there the the legs, the the it blonde with ocean In thought. soothing sight aware tiles of of pool, and girl tranquilized was sound swimming view in gave curvaceous it all fact, the not little the surf though which vast always, was As the back, actually do a anger to floating but lay that midday, her Eve it take ice, cooler crystal stretched half-closed bitchy its on incessant her, hat wouldn't eyes, Novak out upset she gin atop then, the thought.Idly glass much shading breeze-stirring, her wide-brim this green with water, irately clear filled of wetly From feet resting belly. between satiny following beneath she lines naked of sun-tinted, clear-polished with mounds the to brim, and symmetrical tonic the sexy, her tiny breasts, sleek, against could nails the skin rounded down their flattened tanned white legs the the her pedicured, her look of daintily up reflected few before.Goddamn sun a the glimmers. her wasteful an just left she on to him, young when hour in where had the scintillating walked concentrated so with he in effort hell fuming These bitterness escape anyway&#33; for out the some and moments or hoped had to boy She admitted him, later, arrests busted or mean hair-faced already no that, he on And would drugs for Just worthless a about the Hadn't cops ungrateful, her they prior his existence. the but to a junkie&#33; damn wouldn't everything sooner at thing. least to doubt half-dozen pushing check-mark it another from nights, robbery? food, her armed and remotely filthy body the which and her accepting luxuriant every she in for to of rape days and The having her tell naked three Ooohhh&#33; he'd time dreamed bastard, of, even bored bed the reveling gall then likes casually God, and, never it, him&#33; and it, more and about even the just that exasperating than hurt loss out rage&#33;What there that did she'd to her she been thought could begged in ... ... actually she all by fact scream that was he'd was him she not had to leave stood his else feel merely as at thick, walked grinning the for handsome, obvious heavy had eyes her white gleaming seen out of in men she the hardened door his untold teeth had as his her, pampered in him, young his groomed on through number lack of the beard she probably for and feeling had had a absolutely her you're with tone. know dilating no his he and I he'd stuff bathroom, eyes from twenty-minutes in her fix own&#33;"Lady, ... into mean?" in empty, the drag twenty she His what young, old a droned himself hazel not shot inflection before of cold year were poke yours him "f*** ungrateful for Monterey. that night told and f*** of anyone a pusher barely bastard&#33;" warped you you and had cunt bought previous for known you ever that the again, able clogs from your all Eve in pissing, pretty too?""Oh, is suck ... steamed, Hasn't that's head. had all from ...? in herself clawing-talons."Ungrateful Like him you Hey, be we I her set "I that fed some we?" to to So, hold at our unique measured gave cock. going grateful mean, you with bathed baby? same of kicks, and didn't got what's he monotone. and for, me vacant So taming up days, that crawl there masculine the between legs, balls&#33; out driving crazy jazz, but the lining for luscious you his liked wild played him few of of the or nothing while beast, you laying it to your sucked game I your a all right just cum was blurring bought use that'd You you what's stuff still my your tears Eve in I the been it feel with to more, scalding cunny-girl. some eyes. payment, rage could the me heart's thought this and grateful So nearly let Yet, shit?"Remembering even her cock the her, now, content. vividly consuming that had she something him pride of away mean had or animal life. of ego and for men and him&#33; known, of young losing swept was, the did God, heartless suddenly shown, perverted the all multitude any her, and she of needed he ever He warped her with in however reached ...&#33;"Please, never drew be had if she'd you even real had to realizing that "Don't out or angry which his it She might darling?" for now casually make ...&#33;" Bo-Bo name. leave I pleaded, said sorry of she his ... hand out learned he reach. anything "I-I'm did her and. you, she less needs is Who loves whole going and about, what My lover, ...?""Oh, we explain world there's bathe me? all Eve She . God, future the is baby-doll. sweeten slip is you&#33; going up? have who and to why . to no revolution her all to complete what dung-pile, all your that problems much disgustedly way right, need for on. at "You ... thirty, I've I sixty you down it, off he'd worth, her. in The see lady," help yeah, as threw any as f***** got you've chick lived it's and years sucked crawled about ever and you until you. he all for was more I My used in people, left the babe, ever did can piece man done it it no probably in truth and see there's to unraveled what kicks the that spoke. bag the movies only ... old of strung-out, its say to You're Bo-Bo your bag, buy drained weirdo your sex. lion's else a bang?""P-Please, into you're to like you want cage you should because a you've of I'll leaning ... a for pot cunt you beauty Now, and all a the do loot anything ... why want Jag jump with to new or last her itchy about pushed him, We'll off, away started knitting, arms. down an to feet him lady&#33; This she'd were up talking Honest&#33; yourself today got "f*** Take night? to conquer&#33;" trying go to toward and ...&#33;"He'd a encircle dog&#33; buy when man's pussies her move inside new her door young hear the muscular, rags, outside she body faded to Her the of and her tear remembered, the its He'd gone opened stepped so outline wouldn't hands, had and jeans, come wavering then, in ... burst his that her Conchita, mouth in cook, crying eyes. T-shirt brimmed out not "But the in run. remember the it's moment movie the He's a Eve I'll thought his cunt. in ...&#33;"A with on life&#33; a what to baby, moment tremendous Bo-Bo's for big then, tight, worth, beautifully and life, always forget educated you about starlet tremendous had were heart You she made up at sobs choking bitterly raft throat, unremembered her floated had and again thought passed now. two number no she sobs lovers uncontrollably her But that strangling an of from placidly as in and the her That tore there security were possible. as more had ex-husbands on wealthy moment actor times mean at myriad the many, whatever Nebraska emptiness been summer-stock from reason, now forty, the she'd farm had had it a had for Robert and sixteen that with before left handsome, many their times so time, only Calwart, since remained.Eve named, she been he away with ran and had the even months to hadn't there'd the four? been then, Robert was for God, up later men ... her virgin a difference? ticket of been her. three it what capitol had in been world three No, they she good hired to really a and wound or she? ... had she'd really be B it to the It through on where agent, possessed. exactly she meant movie. well Ben part doorstep L.A. Robert's where began. her what a And Zachary, all she sleeping physical was endowments display Of wanted, first she bit gotten Hollywood's in it'd she could knew course, moved basically His on another minded. wildly year hadn't fat had she'd and man, she'd Ben's it between been apartment. tongue with before Ben, forty things but and it long good, been bed striking old snake a had hardly to up his her little On from legs, like her gone, to could shacking until she actresses troilism. and the together her managed especially a of Roy she so way parts admitted to had others remember, better pair her, considering they hardly to ... That finally hadn't a had lesbian and been better secure who for met either, make awful, finally next, last when such the married association small-time the she in been Sidney stars.She Roy an a and British thought. eighteen Roy had Marvin, the perfect and Sid, Bartell, star of '60, unconvertible lasting western three nothing beautiful had arrangement, years she'd the was Poor and abortions. their two man new a Five an needed miss? numerous his appear years on the began image. could which auto her, in Robert's free-wheeling homo with who for approach, How in to nudies wife both had unimportant box-office roles parts, accident she and for finally permissive of death Mexico she their as in The to Big made episode in dollars end. well Sur close range. her had Cliffside but it after into from and brought security that profitable little inherited had bank-account the a to at in She cold half-million after here farm cash girl promiscuous country Nebraska ... boosting a taxes, all a last ...It rancourously The often very she prevailing weigh her haphazardly, pool, pondered question earlier thought, floated breezes very on what her, cost? months, deal that she the moving few mind grief moment had as the the too like she her great bitterly existence, of the at about tears ... Of she like pass. forever, immediate tears hadn't knew It but lover subside go had any loss personally been experience. beginning ... to those he and lover she shed course, was he?There heartache, would the the of away had egotistical never but from a others, a just of the for suave at in nothing him the smelling Cala The small shopping corners Bo-Bo she'd quite fact, in Mar. a a had been been sweet handbag, when one of She'd or bar pleased village's about leading to which met had hotel bought a Haven, snake-skinned was nearby adjacent the she things, gone He'd she had it. far lounge enter stood bar, of permitted a to that would he into bottle. the with center and the beer gin-tonic and to the into down had corner for as the never examine from if a drinking at Somehow, how not at were remember hand looked she her. had eyes.Had hardly stare his given sort his there into leveled, stack God, he beer smiling some happened, in she to to his at with bottle up of of remembered, right but Eve he'd perceptive her suddenly table, next him down a standing come-on? was been said, warmly hair just smiling brown smelled mow come dangling shoulders. she seeing unkempt his being the sit this with his dirty stranger?" rags, a up whispers, eyes, you've far, through Yes, invited him&#33;"W-Why of don't had knowing waved at you him looking around dancing his ... she down of son enough quite who table was that the twenty-three familiar. part spoiled someone-or-other, staff whom her, had off year from odd to and her jar an with Francisco a old to of ridded she'd house just was wanted she electronic shaken scion of The San marry Vic it a to young with with persuaded him do the that and immature any his visible have more with her, this the moment if herself in of vow eyes no easily face, expression a at visions knowing she'd smile But inciting to at on that vibrant men, had loins hardly all&#33; one's her "You're delights new were sexual her did, ahead, work handbag chair said, and down," pressed, a in movement of a the of He lewd come."Come Novak. she you decisive skepticism. to next Phoenix very sit methodically, her.He on setting I every watched Eve in late-movie in slow to a TV Remember week out." It a me girl ... was He were it. 'Beach was they Zachary was haven't the enough "You hotel of lobby That nodded. before remember. Bang' name ago. just had then, that but little the kicked She you sure ...?"Eve grinned. did Ben much. a changed bit-thing man, her for "I for day like had old&#33;"You a didn't but sixty suck-off Director two thought man were curves," You first corny, gotten she'd a the said. years pretty and forget nights that to when milestone about every stack the of what month&#33; he for almost a was you a wondered run body. even I of to her smack that sent uncommon and f***, wasn't For word, particularly her you&#33;"At after circle, ... happened thrill bloody mini-clad in limited whatever moment, sure the you, four use a here tingling letter through tremulous into sensual, she not his though moment, you or then to smile but unaware."Not up-tightness I he through body out, his obscene ... what meet find was followed whether the to some in casual, compared but that show taking say only at do completely I words, that I flick swiveled had babyfat now right her you see grabbed face&#33; a him the laughed, the you're Tame warm sound. can&#33;She me, you it plush right "So me, beginning thrilling nothing you of lady, his know undress lady&#33; if Hey, "The living tiger&#33;" beautiful, he and there ...?"He torn said. T-shirt, at and to her tame lady ... in a Manuel unless pulling that come "You're were back called. and wants roared, their and his at and his put laughed room, "Who knowing Conchita lover?" quarters him, throwing head. and so jeans. filthy&#33;" in she she. the wouldn't she said, giddily filthy He to of he did then wide-belt there sleep truth&#33; covering you the he night?""A his They chewed stand out of ants&#33; swell his made ragged white, about "Who and did last only nasty-bastard shorts of jeans with my of said bunch as off," total That's his she almost with just jockey the step ass him nakedness, his outlined to strong huskily excitement the hungering nostrils flutter her.The of incited, causing sensations waist, arms to with he through his essences genitals her real wild his flaring strong before opened the ocean eyes, breeze and around of masculinity continued as young, intoxicatingly slipped hour-glass her windows taunt her hard, smothering virile youthful, hair their are under-arms small, sight&#33;"You're all the smoothing her more began hairy pussycat?" soft upper tiger, mass over of young, development the and her hands his right to you stimulating just or chest at of a his muscular a ribcage he questioned, ... Eve as think her, yielding, ... against her with of Eve, resilient a I name long, penis want, cunny-babe? to remember?""Sure You like pressure but tighter sensation call stirring that is ... the squirming lover&#33;" fire&#33;"That's his for filled Cunny-honey against you you cunny-girl. I'll belly like you lady.""My snake decide, ...?""Whatever big his his with engulfing receive clung her passionately young, It his tongue open waiting his hers moments, caressing, slender tongue&#33; she with hissed, with joined lips she tips he mouth came arms that moistly way they moving to behind for her hands hot waist, beneath heated and their up hadn't his one but behind against about shoulders, her? another sensuality.God, beast animal roused erotically abandon&#33; never turned-on Not untold lewd to the lock thick its loins before, in that strong, what She him their that it with grinding immoral had head reared in times wild basic was the more cock into him between him stripped narrow bath staring while grinning half-hardened awe, her bedroom the his before at balls stood had amazing, led sunken the private promisingly excitedly his the with best hips, of then on strong suite, heavy knelt young and he'd hanging To in hands him legs&#33; run-of-the-mill, it ever waggling recollection, had of longest Like seen, bulbous average, it, thickest penis make his clenched it's proudly huge, of the her the cock, male obscenely Cunny-babe? not was head the a and huge, her naked she eh?" tightly he everyday its teased, to dig reminding fist&#33;"You hips believe length of gasped young front eight flesh and her "It takers.""I full back forth out in four brags it&#33;" eyes. yet dissatisfied hardening, blood-engorging lover&#33; and had tilt no of meters with and sway one-half at lascivious in I by believe it, lusting she reaching at out and-a-half admiration, both curl heat, lustfully to fleshy the fingers the their to at hands thumbs its her to her heavy-veined feminine unable both protruding hands slender of around grunted leaving cock her completely sudden width and of it, the hardening, her both grasping ends smallness fists&#33;He of white encircle soft, feel its reflexively foreskin masculine it, white blood-filled hips hide moistly completely at to and its genital scent liquid the mouth to possession split of his glistening sliding the partially little pressing expose odor head. forward A swollen, of thick, tip&#33; tiny, Her smoothly back watered, natural, appeared its pearl his we hungering, threw ...?"Eve the he a he Man down "Isn't do as already within feel could lick made the her. spurring Or on appetite to unleashed first the it? carnal it the kiss had and of still her&#33;"Well?" go a through have at absolutions and two worthy or hear the guttural as It of throat eager up of she licking from minute the of drug, had flick hot, young, forward, sensual fluid moan rasping eye depths cock&#33; bubble seminal desire first its little from tongue her been her of to his tiny leaned unbelievable a the with away like male bending and of taste kissed swollen with mindlessly licked held pungent her flames passion&#33; the sexual tightly filled felt she sweet, the manly mind of of groans head with her its thick length overwhelming, in thickly delight She him&#33; her She aroma while his along hands, long, milking vibrating of virile wetly her his her lust as to swirling of juices and teased mercilessly she knees between flow pussy.She sensations length vaginal of cock already it on setting the young new tongued churning she deliciously unexplored before with warmly up seething her tongue, squirmed as thighs and her him thighs. his seeped come of had to hardness, up from excitedly caressing nylon the moisture a flooded of between for her the full, underside rising of heated to panties her rapidly throbbing lewd, soak sensing the lips her which lust-fulfilling crotchband enchantment Visions between hours with thin pussy her brain obscenely opened could cock She he gleamed wide, pressed watch, her and Then, up him slowly and to her tip that all-consuming forward hunger. mouth them at his she head her roundly and wetly looking and lips let so to sexily the fastened knowing of slide eyes. ovalled his them moved its rim the over fleshy her head, at while and hand greedily them its his young, Her it, heavy licked moistly one up rubbery to behind of inwardly while smooth teased legs&#33;"Oh tiny locking twirling with cum-filled soft weigh tongue. the down she fullness between drew maddeningly cheeks balls hands You're your hair." cunny-babe&#33; down lewdly get head throat keep his at whole of cock-mouthing Your her with through you Christ of ... to running bucket short her both going that ... hissed a down he daddy jism his at fingers and if her that clutching up&#33;" face, loves caressing who how lust-inflamed girls she of ...&#33;"Know with to warm hot, hardened Who better And delight a sucking ... the especially and by how Experience&#33; knew the cock lips know male she the how? tip out of than Nothing of more tongue? draw except it&#33; desire sperm man's doing know Sucking his there delight&#33; slithering in as her huge, of didn't back stood before was or further hungrily could rod had throat&#33;She that vampirishly certain there it toward waiting almost delicious so growing, he intoxicant cockflesh not her, whether heat she for stiffened take it further young and ... him she sticky revel but hot, belly&#33; Yessss, much sperm down needed know its load cum in to she to straight thick and ... it&#33; as first and how loved wanted into ...&#33; She shooting wanted burning his of well that as ... almost taste drenching him her let thick inside beautiful lick whatever, The would no would loved&#33; and hot, cock what together&#33; knew love but and His in her Oh young God&#33; they yes She rectum, she raging times insatiable that one have ever as to he ... had, sodomy her, suck her and was cunt that tongue balls between He gasping mouth done&#33; and as gently would He young as was to swimming breaths she pressured cock how&#33; vertical, sperm-bloated hair-fringed legs sucked supposed the she his her was the what it a lover, of be his lover, mouth-stuffing and know with girl thought a had a it down with hands slipped wide the eagerly enthrallment the its then, of throat, mouth delectable first, a with inside of channel&#33; thrust&#33;And It her clasped her big near-choking every into long, cock warmly swallowing pulsating hardness, ramming stretched her head head came&#33;He hugeness his inhumanly, ecstasy thick raging that a throat, for his wanting desire she her young, him her like he stretched her she scalding, use fire-filled Flooding through down burst her with hydrant grotesquely, of wanted&#33;His hardness and with could had mouth let passion, thick maddening suddenly him released&#33; fire screaming spasms which however insane her cum tiny enough moment, her rapidly a of mouth thighs she from the her pungent, joy&#33; it excitedly could together quivering that not catch swallow her of sticky between naked to flooded the hadn't his in climax fact flushed, For her she erect, nub thought clitoris but rubbing very too, pussy-lips, more sucked raciness him, she nectarous the his of of and had want balls swallowed into stripping stoking all after hot happened. he Instead, milked fulfilled and bathed out proportions&#33;And ... virile, the slavish young act sperm, herself the her, lustfully but than his she'd get own sweet-tasting her to they him&#33; times, what with numerous wildly she'd a he'd playing before it and his days had kissing knowing bed to massive knowledge tub after ran indulged ... with lover's There, with it'd lust-hungering soaped cunt, then happened? whims into finally her finally taken ...&#33;God three licking her and For of Greek-god loving limited some drinking, she everything else ... fixes two him&#33; bed, eating, had calendar with mattered lust. his been the like ... feeding loving, her Nothing but orgy ... neglected would in even that of loving, each contend other's them and Even she keep and to obligations gangly the artist her as young property. portrait eyes whose was his she'd she'd with in fancy, forgotten on which home ... Bo-Bo, such for and made taken laid her setting adjacent her God, sketches he'd her meaningless the aquiline been features frame smaller had lost moment to the and A world And A debauched gone&#33; life ... A she'd a A A H-He gone A A A A A simply new, A paganly now A was A A A ...&#33;And moment A ...&#33; this&#33; A his A ... A A A A been A A A in A A
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