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early a as tree of I of on feeling early on breeze Temptation snuggled leaves nips in sleep morning. morning, rising light also, soft The Beta this gentle slept was on against the some spring as the the face. she fall under my rain on Aaka, hit the sun The healthy, pups me along how and Aaka small pups, I back pups ears, my and look day. the had and year I the they my my now, 5 for a old face playful. Aaka's strong very The and see up my my and open of wakes eyes tongues about are licked and glad lick and with up in sleep, "Good my woke me me, they into pups. joy morning soft her along my looked deep at and they father nuzzled passionately I fur as her white Then Aaka.Woofed her to muzzle.Aaka nuzzle from her eyes, feel awakened their I Aaka." in in smiled the her her way. sexy feel Snoww." mine. sexy with wind, fur along a very She tempting blinking muzzles in whiskers can eyes eyes of me me, her and Our Her a way. sort "Morning I at closer moved closer, came eyes. she and blue to woofed waged along in mine licked each sensation I and my gently warm nosed as smooth muzzle I other, genitalia and curled I scent. Aaka's tongue, We and a arousing tail up I slowly. cold back forth felt in long her out nose wet slipped the breathed my feel my as Aaka she tongues tasted offspring. Aaka the licked our broke I from slowly. amazing her and pounces then up I arousing good playful Aaka for and licking. nips The the hypnotic as them with and nuzzled and pups licks met. with tongue, few morning tongue our a my from free is it to fills that pups, in romp year over I grown our us day, and Our they the and Beta have young. Aaka entire love Storm has our Our male, with I all energetic playful. pack numbers the parent him and almost known play joy for and year. past loyal to to have He with if and intruders. is usually wonder been around. good I pups, each-other in-fact our He is the and from have very I with himself. is He and very to pack sometimes he protector play excellent wolf and an a loves hunter is pup a play play he fight. Next and hind he's dogs. when get his around This when I'll pretty wrestle, I Aaka When herself up time be play do with me pinned. we one to match fight, giggles good claws will cut says we dogs and good time that a him had golden punishing pounds him. pups, I He to the 110 and pelt. back, Storm think in golden, grin cm eyes. to female, creamish, day with Storm with white a muzzle tail is beta I brown Our almost is play with she of to Tala, when 84 loves myself from long on she's wrestler not as She 99cm really white, muzzle her pounds, out. much and as Tala is to back is up playful. well is day grey 75 just pelt dark of lightens Aaka her and is from belly though, her I, her along with a sides, friendly her tail. if calm to and worthy our personality member a hangs continues strong Conan, cool is and a Subordinate around address is In has hunter himself muzzle. only and He He sociable, and first. pack, you him tough and proven himself. hunts very has our our keeps he of pond. the his sometimes a wrestle, from his one skills long His tail. this grow He and to got hunting pelt with light He nearly muzzle cm to along pinned match, with grey also eyes. Conan back, grey/blue me time. 112 good 82 I and is time. is pounds over white is The than and anything intertwined is close and grass my grey hold pack in pack my those growing heart. was warm the defend with pointy Our spring. I will was for the in my sun shining that to the I the more chirped, afternoon, love world, birds I day This the I the squinted relieve fur, afternoon the to I itch spring white my my annoying on as let spring yawn, I blazing the eyes and in this sun, big breathing eyes air. into humid mountain Earth and my powerful my pelt. over rub soaked at fore-arms dew a out my the is, distance his corner with my and pups, personality, playing the where look playful Conan, of a and personality. at see rare Conan in turn and I his I the over I head look romping our at and she in smiling Aaka, eye. pond is green/turquoise for change rather and stretch our is help stretching to sun tense intense down, can't playful at with my but neck for eyes, afternoon. moving blazing the I feel slowly neck, my I pups. spring well tired a head my again, my open Conan, eyes I as I my smile Closing muscles. I our the pups. muscles light anywhere. I tense don't my Tala and I Conan turn see as think a but and don't and my heat after or and it, soon look concerned at get little Storm I stretch clearing stand and and I back around up look about much she Storm am in and looked Aaka, Aaka. dust her my nuzzled and the Tala from find at soft at and understood. go dirt light head eyes, I to fur sapphire area, and seen smiled me them." with the going stood or shaking I haven't I up, "I white pretty to towards prickly Conan. tackled stretched how little pups dew and paws, I I padded Snoww toes a made and I before the daddy the pelt, up my between damp. padded felt pups, then Conan the of the word, grass could off a I more the woof bit pads my the pups licking while pups nipped me, me. the one father against and nuzzling with their they at year I me Conan then greeted after wrestled to up but pinning down them hear back ground. could teamed five Soon them, his my off. laugh played and tail I pups old "What's their again, hearts. my off and Aaka from at looked tackle padded I happiness then from to Conan, Snoww?" looking me head pelt, dirt and me. surprise my already at stood asked and up he the looked the shook I in off while joy up shook with is who I anywhere?" and Conan to the seen "Have woofed all we haven't in tilted and/or Then with eyes. day where a be......I'll me Conan. I him "Well "I at lifted brow his can Storm wonder they confusion. them them." looked and Tala for go seen head look you I in-fact" myself to with look scent, I yards on her entered through 50 and after stayed myself east was a I I scent, went maneuvering following nuzzled to about I area. smirked the Tala's Conan when got for and forest Aaka. padded behind the I way. pups through my forest dense down the land small I forested see I about. and head I heavily hill, top my an area. Storm remain muzzle. them, into lay-ed woofing the lay where further to I which from the and hidden clearing Tala are declines wonder of they I at the what get muzzle sitting Snoww, to to hear could the nowhere. and "We listened and of on what forward off in grass carefully."I won't should, to here go Tala. down about middle out we what they us ears he like the I to say intimate." eager woofed be my have Storm perked think don't am with "We Tala's smirk own Alpha Storm." I I as the our request feeling myself like pack am little to I I to me, form I as leave, attracted him." he as Storm.Strom a shocked Snoww and about can't Storm uncomfortable that hear interrupted said say Tala little a Aaka season bad, I those under I breath in licking said you, laugh wanted during Tala going my myself and saw bad was activities." part I and for mind I Snoww you felt storm, mate, I crazy was take my I mating never because little."Oh so could a when crazy a don't from want wonder replied "We really I have can me." Storm.Storm to but this great "I to lick she muzzle a where eyes. to him to he's pack." gave pad the too, tender on alpha don't his Snoww, looks I into and you away deep like Snoww's leave muzzle They other, both Storms I eyes an muzzle. melts taken his to, look them is and keep in his literally her softly breath his lead her into murrs She thrusts at slips on against and looks and inside Tala wet, both. tongue long, eye each pink close presence. his his the his sweet is Tala's as intertwines Tala feels Storm ecstacy as saliva and that taken tongue loved along time, he is surprised romantically. away runs into Storm first and that tongue, tasting tongue Tala's away he murred muzzle. his feeling and closed his, intruded eyes with the for fell to through another back. her she this, his Storm a that licking wolf, this was was like and onto his Tala Tala Storm on is then compassionate licking. on butt, she back. felt back his so shocked flat the as compassionate lay-ed giggled never smiled Storm she fell he Then to something Storms her by forward stumble Storm, to over leaned amused muzzle, padded quarters not his try I she and could hind over little saying. I I what is she comfy Tala once get hear, slightly walk which I over Tala alert, well. whispered see as hear to nodded then down slowly pink Then his sniffed long scrotum along licked muzzle, licking his up balls. Tala , approval his at cum-filled tongue wet, Strom's Storm gentle his for approval. her smiled down in and She lupine his to as belly, dragged Tala, and way he up back looking soft under tongue, the pre-cum and back vulva, of forth, Storm it warm sensation Tala formed. high soft then sack, tongue tip tail that droplet her Storms sways her her from of the over. ball towards and and the lifted the bristled licking of times Storms sheath, several drags she sheath, to is the the lick grass but from murrs. coaxes the to pleasure ecstacy Tala his more Tala gently base furry lays world. member tries his on he the of that his in and caresses head and lupine enduring, that due his den is he conceals he at paws on wraps quickly her hot, hard sudden, from Tala's pads Tala a pink tongue she vulva. Then tip up head, sits forward penis. moist along Storms front of lupine and in around leans and his he all Conan along growing caresses immediately tongue and sheath his his his Storm to groans his moves wet firing Conans the and starts of cum until at meaty pleasure hot down tongue his ecstacy her slowly maw his then bristles Storm cock soft inside maw. tongue. he the in as Storms base semen, her his of lupine shoots at Tala hot murrs is knot her yearning knot for.Tala hangs Tala out, the member catches my shoots as squeezes has of of tastes most When some that last out lupine faster down cum the but drips behind see she maw. I his she own as notice been my I sensation his that salty it, of gently a my paw I sit with kick as paw, bigger knot I to and grow grip down, then my other and and rapidly groaning sheath. to my completely my paw pull up leg caress penis behind one and sheath I use moaning down. a back start out use I howl I lupine start over stroke harder my all faster and strokes every jetting exposed ground paw on and in other I my the cum with I it on my paw, my as hard quietly pleasure as and shoot semen my cock. and reach long, warm climax moist, with jerk head down a completely at paw my my giggles back the lick my exhausted, I while my in into then I three after me Tala soak my I while then lift hyper-ventilating. all semen. up see orgasm, penis me. short in lay of wolves sticky After front hot sheath, my wolf" it?" smirked"Well Conan heard smile three smirk asked"We I in you males said how howl "Well and smiled"You replied, in to stuttered, you I two sneaky saw I replied shock"you while giggling Snoww, Tala still I too". me?" uh..." did was find herself."How me."So and you at Storm did???" on my you back I laughed I'll himself"Well meat." likely Storm and Conan and go Snoww" just to allow hunt, going that do, woofed."Okay fresh orgasm" go me to am to do Aaka don't a tell tell most with need will behind back I just what be now, I it. pad way. through relieved, taste nuzzled to other to and of ready We I the blood A each kill not Mentally a quietly. the ambition replied. I hunter, forest heartbeat. concentrated, pad make parted carefully to silent stalk growing the I other a sound. I along get before a in approach my pad fallen was and I be it about scent, clearing, prey enemy. dominate new of to to I smelled in side a carefully, my scent small the I a Then dead be me. stopped a was scent onto tracks, over the my and I sniffing victorious when cross pelt eyes of from towards haven't as before. steps least tenses air I the dark He Tension smelled a into with of clearing. him. few that black the short dog pure other middle see walks the fills at a the clearing, green take the then side I I pound 100 deeply me. as I off lowers lips showing wondered to territory my and lower gums his ears himself, show we I other my into have up growling moves perking and start myself each and as stared forward, back must well, the at I in fangs down eyes. his fangs, my though fight, probably even am. I is still I me the that but though up before 100 am down. would to to the Right male accidentally, even wolf to ready fight I determined put I lose, pound staring alpha lose back a the fight to will as willing was I in truck and slams cabin about us. lunge the dust truck before was on pick the screeching to came sky. ground from a of of wolf misted right to the and it's human a the The stop The out comes passenger up came the me breaks side towards from up some pups, did about Christ, pups, came little said."Jesus with your he four a and need ya a the the blur did you man with saw somethin'?" stop? closed door."I few grey Aaka's sort and hit out other you I My the so than weeks."Why stopped" older and pups two saw I the good came we the like get man f***! he other truck The up to th at here! of bristle doggies!" look glasses......" is him."Holy and of there wolf front the wolves the at gotta don't growl truck and they the of and and front out f*** and man and back windshield, inside heard, truck. the I I ever back into chased and fiercest the leaped and of maw the snarling along coward hood I out to the the my Wolf growled opened growl then fangs let and the my widely other truck stuck The on up and I tremble can backed human in most truck I I truck the see ever and he the turned can the pissing as up The gave human the fear to other the him I I see put reverse. afraid. in he made, so himself, look human was fierce head my my the away ground. those the and of least pups."Wolf, gone." wolf off The feel are at hood I'm is aggression woofed looked humans at slide you, other I my towards truck he and name Thor." the the alright and me."I'm on it's to truck sped Snoww, the for sorry over better pack, head we I Take no pack? Snoww." else time. replied."Yeah back Snoww nowhere you agree, we the farewell. can see have your I look other might other I to yearlings."Uh...Snoww, Well at four some care to I follow I back we humans. my you good each nuzzled is can the meet last one them them them me."yeah" was of go." the problem, I Aaka of I mother" at After Aaka...""Aaka? year, to to yearling."She one myself, brow the rest explained me."No our he Nightsky?" interrupted happened pack, yearlings you what the to of explained woofed a raised I have knew killed howl what headed humans I the Aaka We at them I to done the direction along my forest, have out step. shocked as them. they re-tracing step if the them. pad through to back every what yearlings would my the to I following did came, I our me, too. then the rest they the of the races as the the back and pack of new back direction. usual my yearlings scents and make louder hear my We yearlings our howl way to hear hear the I and to smells clearing they howl Aaka, pack, from howls watery back in with and them."Mother?" other replied"yes, strong joy This each to tears She EndSnowwDogg(05/16/06) nuzzled He for myself start happiness They proud.The last, over get lick eyes. I to of the is." eyes from and in at her the replied Together of it joy pack. yes minutes. many A 05:11 A AM A been A by A A A A has A 17 A A edited A A A A A A A post A A A A A A A May A A A A A A A 2006, A A on A A SnowwDogg A A
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