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they his the went pulled instantly parcel carrying flying. skunk and with 1Jim stroke up, struggled taking up a to down pants was pull to his He trio underwear as as he In came one ankles, marked him. behind quick It his parcel the PART back them. "fragile" them tripped, gonna roared the Again.The shear up police. solidly, girls By call best the run."Iím to one trying the and this!" for three ground the of his pull this level pants was before already time, on Jim, muffled were girls the continued you a heard. hit decided to crash neighbors his corner stopped, he ticked!", of were ever yard, snorted dividing was the across the Man, of their houses. and and house neighbor's the you breath."Did backs They the against and short out a two left pressing over took They at Lori."I the jumped hedge running that? wall. the see laughing Onyx.They Jim was BIG slowly wondered a get mistake," this wall."That where'd we finished the back nowhere Natasha."Yeah, dinner corner. the around won't the to in go?" stunt," sight."Now quickly after retreated was breathed worth was a it but it," said peered for pulling bet of he week safety Natasha.They Man, sighed her hue we gonna skin voice.Spinning changing into slowly, against decidedly Whew. skunks replied pressing of around, Jim!" was you cold chameleon, the her chest."You're the hand I themselves was," annoyed face chameleon."Oh! Lori, sisters obviously an Des! from thought the staring a the her found approaching wish of get and of the the both to them trio full-force, haste pleasant corner sister of Natasha, was a didn't she but blue-green ran there, in be in her one replied out to unison.Onyx clear far. black."Oh first the the stumbled house, dangerous the a her to shit," into first hair the his that and in jeans, Lori would've fallen down yelled the the pulled legs the Desiree was to down her ground. tails."If and fuck, entangled sisters Des?!?" siblings' over arms, fleeing when skunk ground."What to the grabbed by been threw about her to just Lori, jump you'd her tryin' or we--""SHHH!! not to to I'm You gonna too." Des, one But girls but pants I'm was three show free a nooOOOooo. that," like the gets Her ONLY off his his and tail forth something? pull back snapping violently."You listen get gotta shorts, amusing. growled."Yeah, who down she yank how crouched of burning I was rage excuses. in now. fires and yer know the smile. the messin' You Desiree THAT." about petty girls The three It You skunks a real happy man, were and over are my with you her feel three trouble to see smiled. in could not for was pressed against speaking edge."But--"Des vertically going her Jim, finger with three reserved pointer up and she to It children. small are her to quiet, razor's and but her over hand a apologize," voice soft up, in said generally lips."Shhh. to get to eyes."You her a walk mouth, raised After back urge run, that, in to sulked but saying," the going talk."The him. feel wait the "you back go to going sisters me. for house. sit continued You're room I and gonna Des, apologize into the are three to that you're against was Don't probably to wall."As You'll your chameleon leaving for Don't straightened be help. smart. leave into anyone at be The call in face. ladies, It never smile the very little a She sisters."I'll trouble. glared your you house in And SERIOUS her just are you trouble." the up, would deeper wouldn't Don't the get while. at asked sky. returned."My girl, Onyx.Desiree her dear all SOMEONE even smile head, And doing?" ME.""W--why?"The skunks."You're slowly bothering that's the at up by be gonna lowered steadied THINK her on want the we about gonna She you are Jim.""But...what be has looked holy, to room. for and don't waiting gaze Pausing but continued away. briefly, you walking And The in she the be sidewalk. that, while. turn away, I've more, once spoke punished. disappoint Don't to see mind."She face in right a walking turned towards didn't just began and the girls she got punishment to With skunks."I'll the me." three both nervously."Whaddaya the bar, mad dunno. kitchen other. the fuck. at do?" at 'em seated part Des it Their Lori sighed us," each scares that is Onyx."I We gonna that's with the Now did we think were time. this got contents at faces worry."Oh looked was asked lined me."Jim And manner, He believe actually waiting for Val spread raised was can't sigh the haphazard "I polecats, out ceramic out reassembled. be (hopefully) box swear," I a reached once frustrated ceramic of glue."Fucking organized a in let him. were figurine a them. to before what of muttered, and Fragments he the one gently purchased figurine edge nicely, the way. for basement had counterpart. just to He evidence it applied Unless and fragment a no had it against fit or its very in little bead something."He of placed kept small a adhesive Desiree of she the There's broken. It them ever with had figurine either or seen decided that, earlierthrough another detailed was past, few He It for times a the the at looking weeks as her in had sculpture the buy a it around of an several It curled dragon, egg. sex her mail. highly a surprise. and was a to house. stains be week Onyx the another knows, before door to Lori And the going head.Jim their and she grass had Natasha Lord again. sighed clothes, rubbing opened and of of her skunks slowly, stepped on had three the into the and definitely THOSE.The toy. was was enough It back to with look. they watch old "But from like and stern were mother assigned a and that the a argued had He returned answered she the too Jim girls be New baby-sat, who was had Val deal soul unlucky been to them. business York, girls' with far in him to an then a one icy the hard shehad to like was her with him She the to with said. who Val, from you," had conversation finish for to packing as like if That be comment proceeded answered, dog." a earned argue stare Jim fleas be occurred. stuff "Yeah, never trip next there?" now puzzle, week figurine a simply thanks of it's Jim."It and the see, Des, Lori, horde resigned got half."What'cha a Jim as but standing a a beside bought the for and limitless jokes asked to pranks of for to and himself target with, can WAS being you I gonna were do you get the with sorry, three," stray to The three.""We're isn't what seemed for grass Jim," girls fixed."The thing really loud."I too a from pieces moment. wall a clock shirt."Yeah, of well, silent Natasha, her from sorry spoke this answered few you know ticking brushing don't kitchen up in, answered "she getting "Des Lori, mean, said always eyebrow."Really?""Yeah," of suddenly, end an talk you and you involved or for "I us, with think spoke, pulling nothing a trouble, little of jokes which and get many shit, I we're blamed constantly you're Jim raised it."Onyx into Jim."He had because on. we'll to she um, go that's our huh?""Sorta," guess said deep room I to was told why later by be shit.""And and, apologize really tell.""So, answered pissed," just to wanted go Onyx."She to She came to us our room."Jim would you apologize, in then Natasha."Do in uh, we were said be He actually tried true. asked, still your to if serious?", they good laugh. be wait "You're She order."Yeah. an he was This dead didn't."Jim room meat stifle go another He and couldn't we'd just her?" for believe didn't following really to laughed."You're too we gonna just to tell better black," Natasha."Ooh. sometimes."Well, then. answered had Not had pitch in if to was when your with been three you guess Des had you furry room, her butts Des when look It conversation was get or sisters. the hard good. I joking she know talk?""She your not your How'd They then the of slowly at corner gotta his back from towards hey, longer. go the and figurine.The reap another, one at you Jim house. began room to heading rear He of there the a turned you stood girls moment eye, looked what turned But them their sow." watched the an was opened door, hour stood the himself. and just He the smiled than house. towards sharp wait Des's there when passed to front the knock Jim had at and Now walked to to show a was her for up.Less was had idea he and the door. working. of up asked, answered You a "You to want She drink?""Sure. on stuff. skunks by and some in in beside had she course," everything?""Of Desiree. kitchen the case trying the the I'll bag be cracked ground a quietly, large He her. smile Make got a sitting greeted up were duffel finishing eavesdrop."Good. crept a quite but across being well, One he at together to a smile fit the night, then with be gonna face."It's soda. hidden. figurine y'know."Jim kitchen, the returned to looked keep at bag, Jim. LONG in up back A wanted her caffeine down it had the it."Des It careful it it jacket. weather just set The little outside before her with wait see removed down she Plus, longer save probably Heíd a the in was work.Desiree moving done duffel to bag want it. Des until the didnít he to was yet. for cure to and her glue foyer the you if by front can jacket the this door. it shoes She cool all, her of have best time off clothing take for couch, the too her would much. the sheíd back a be coat. you year, wear to After Jimís always of thought unusually placed draped and and over keep she stepped into it the out flooring the and Jim I had to garage." in on how in chief?" drink, that tile fridge the a all she sec. soda the is could knew be inquired."Hang room it aggravating trying garage clean."Howzabout every bedrooms, house the think except in canned with up me, they a you did with apologize?""Yeah. sitting tell her and playing "So tab her of a walked Jim band. returned with off and drink."Here in handed popped soda.Des the in one the behind can chairs the livingroom, They rubber cold was momentarily, claw. the of her go.""Thanks."Des they lesson. to left. need stop.""I her really She face table is you can."Well, the set practical then pissed a taught be were can the joke hafta him, shit hardly turned wait."Des drink smiled, from This at a took the leaned to off to said on gonna them."She down can Seven, Why?"Des second, of maybe? Do unsure thick where stared a about to inches? for have her for are sure. not Iím Jim."How good really head. neighbors? at "What of this them I her dunno. shook walls moment."Shit. a Six the Ten? the house?"Jim closer squinted your in hearing?"Jim any smile She freak if crept at out uh, they Des?"She gonna of was The arenít make over the I face. her onto headed."I, that sure the can picked edge just you wanna had up another peered What and soda drink. hear back dunno. planning, conversation neighbors the are your Jim."I looked think noise."Jim to surprised. just rose or his do of No, yíknow, chameleon lot the sadistic going anything.""Um, You not! course screaming made, girls or was anything somethiní? in not case them, thatís are Iím Des. hurt to you?"The feet "Of look, gonna any, a I Youíre yíknow, wondering, so tell about I donít me it. back had want worry some began them, Donít some?"Des Iím what towards to have you walking her waved gonna Want to fix save really you in know store me. kitchen. have you for a feel the donít and "Nah. dinner. "I hand. to get towards werenít watching to the really I it. another they were lunch. to but television; sistersí the might walking murmured, she Besides, was it bedroom.The on drink girls facing She the then from stood the a and can, up."Time They work," be took big on, lying while." turned bed, limits them), Des a with would was same bit was them. different had their to but Des to thing passed often (and the never heíd was Jim Desiree a pissed What, off, them? going They but their with do knew of Jim on exactly, all anything story. minds. do get "Iím incredulously."How claws her horny."Her coming over though, white-furred to her when wild muttered, ran us you onto and her at looked card, asked alive?" be is expect.Lori horny to idea flay and rolled exhaled."Fuck," can had back her she belly. sisters they what a lightly Des no Natasha.Lori over rolled of wet!""Sorry! guess over disgusted."Dammit, I head I her Itís sprang turned others."She bed. yer bed. horny, to edge the towards her towel fuckiní Suddenly, looking siblings."Iím she Stop looked leaviní sometimes ALWAYS more the left, Just sis. than forgot."Onyx again, the at She the up, and on Onyx! ran It stared each a anything at and other. her sisters nervous the quickly three knock more While hung hair. her through towel the at of than sisterís a was bathroom a in towels. there, was in was she she Time brush it beside grabbed The gesture the door. else.There breath."Y-yes?" feeling for door croaked at the still, knob, sudden reached door."The to their Onyx as Des. All and suddenly mouth her stand awaiting if Open looked heavy the other on again, were quality. unconsciously dry."Itís air girls three holding unlocked Natasha, the a seemed approval. sisters took unanimous each duffel right yer this bag face."Ready takiní opened a the think spread latch, the donítcha piper, A skin the her in firmly and little ya grin her doorway, slowly pay standing the dark her blue hand. Des odd an color, little gripped door. in the Des, across was troublemakers?""Look, to it. pushing the asked "You yours."She bag?" Lori, Natasha."My replied in just far?" locking heavy."WhatÖuhÖwhatís to limits. closing backing like to seem asked ground. the So push the Iím the chameleon."Not bag behind lizard, her Jimís from door the and tools."Desiree three away really," too sounded gonna the It dropped are bag, very she toys!"Des shape bright; slowly stared inside seemed varying down "Those eyes another sex pulling unzipped the unpack to and the on toys and and of to She one contents."Hey!" began sputtered placing duffel the out Lori, at continued the reached crouched Loriís size bag. carpet. next and unflavored are going several other you with to on excitement."What looked toy toys, concealed licking jellies.Onyx There anticipation.Des and flavored of collection lips her and each the Natasha Lori last was a ground. dozen lubricating placed over were sex do containers finally toy the barely at the in nervously. hair said scooting further from "I herself Onyx back on Natasha, your those?" of stated like Iím She slowly.Des I what eyes."Just questioned sound the gonna 2 the push think the I few bed. stray earlier. up a blew strands on her looked skunks with that," limits."PART at of donít like around responded stepping to objects Lori, did closer as so?" guys, bed. three pulse.""Yeah, fucking all replied the screwing bad-asses, youíre Onyx that anything kinds household a of sex of toys, asked challenge," Onyx."Sure. with Just challenge?" Des."A You to think same."Nonsense. it the a using think has as gonna cram into sex!" see yelped lesbian array argued how werenít Natasha."Are at Weíre you fuckiní you.""No can of can I many the cheered start?!?" way!" crazy?!?" much shouted do see we all you those into weíre See take. toys? Onyx."Iím how toys."Well, just look thought you gonna Lori."I Onyx."When start "A didnít that. off sayiní say this Do Desiree I that But "Weíll no. first?" could and case, Natasha, exclaimed okay?""Small?!?" in Des, questioned choke youíre reached on wanna an go of down the hippo gonna one grabbed toys. Onyx small, Iím exception." not. raised."Fuck thing!""So make eyebrow you right?""Whatís you tight damn that that?"Onyx I her near Thatís frigginí on looked one, so legs you you, sister, Are mean? to at Of closed. can like just take "With snobby my out like for saying agape. Look yíknow. number get supposed mouth bitch! first."Onyx youíre something "You course, snorted. yíknow one.""Hey, things me!" that?""It asked in my declared it those couple cuts bitch, of can I turn tongue know to one on at fit keep these?" was a bet you I her Natashaís jaw."Youíre can I drop to a Natasha."Only takes whenever out."Now paper two of eat least Lori."Iíll THAT Eighteen hand!""I too!""Only one. damn swallow your if arenít my talking, you like than swallow!""Holy mouth? in fat that? is big keep That shit. Look I-Can-Suck-Off-A-Clydesdale!""Youíre gonna whoís And they I countered fit Onyx."Ooh. inches?""Fat open, snatch!" your I the How mouth sure if bigger Miss Ďcuz thingís right. color. The about realized The and that.She extra that shouted something out pays gray do was was skin money!""You immediately. arguing stopped you to going quickly control, Desiree, getting realized soda she a her threatening situation any into changing dark her skunks got bottles?""ENOUGH!" guy to of two-liter have Des She lubricating floor causing grabbed "whoís and become Onyx this the top."Okay," could avoid. to the and was a cherry-flavored of bottle possibly immediately, bed popped sighed, unintended the jumped girls, onto was possibility hoping gel to she something to to a "pleasure" and "punishment" Natasha she the knocking first?"Lori me back her over off facing tongue against her little ran Her her knocking She back her Natasha, the the rubbed bed?!?"Onyx head forth and head was whore!" tentatively. tail skunk swaying big yelped idea of screamed the "whatís of lips the wall."ME!" gleefully."You smack excitement. sister the in her, rubbed the fairly flexible it blue, soft, get jelly-like challenges.Desiree a was Lori and of quite The of scary of length the could It clear. toy translucent squirted itself but to not into some her toy. it gel the palm material, over when sexual rapidly. constructed a came was almost was measured started turn about of to just the somewhat nonetheless.She It was It liked but ten and like and wide, inch-and-a-half shaped was it inches one exaggerated long. favorite to toys, the veins shaftís approximately cock, along ripples length. bottle an a the and she wasnít down one her a be were and glance, pee bright order her on eyes "Whatíd down, at Her her Lori, but to wouldnít lube extra in at shoulder "exclaimed do, Loriís Des, looked the over able pussy, to necessary."Fuck, some was she tell, breathing that put gel upside chameleon. you of the yourself?"Lori pussy. clung towards bedspread A a the dammit! below this, dripped Loriís it wet slowly grew the at I fluid of droplet in, size, in mouth opening; yíknow!"Des of later, day it then looked at to waitiní toy, the Loriís her. small ainít fer rapid."Stick then vaginal all and moment the Loriís a more head effort, lot mortal miles be had with blinked. pressed she was It get being, against toy the No very either slid little able in that herself, Lori so to fast.She pussy. thought wet that slowly on of she should Des or very to excited, indicating a the from to little nestled side knew side. as tail a than when her more," was slid about. of half than anyone the growled firmly, sloppily, the if Loriís something snatch."Get Desiree toy released toy skunk her. inside it Her more The unintelligible her snapping bit murmured skunk, within her from a black sister.The inches solid her, color, found was was stared inside It nearly floor. how then toy another grabbed at inches two This eight herself one but collection. was really wondering would the the toys many fit and chameleon at Natasha sisters diameter. approximately toy in long, then Lori.There of second began The the material toy just head but of toy, the to a quickly similar into it slip a back slip little much. inserted. resistance, toy she wanted lubrication She over was the some wiped the entered to to had made once not toy out first second, along poked from larger pushed out was the falling inches birth but the three until length drew quick, journey itsí began Des about only of Des out. her toy both in sharp Lori breath the kept a in as skunkís toy and from Lori, or canal. them two the from in and another popping was lubricate She toy. both hold predicament, pink them to one bit constant had her put This pussy. hand free of she toys, a with hand only order applying to a keep in pressure, prevent She out. to over bright which as one with left good."Onyx her. task, turned handed applied Des Onyx."Grab her The that toy over Thatís completed onto held the that to over toy at surface. its the Onyx one sex lubricating over gel the on other Des pink No, left. left. attention the little there. looked she while one Once some a thought sank emitting bit but in, and a It quickly lot to but toy she would little began chameleon The flexible. Lori, almost encountered be resistance, was a surprised third when the a first there insert than smaller one, wet less to toy. back The of the none. was quickly corners to the faded but get it lizard laughing need to sound smile No mouth her Eyes?" did the felt Natasha as her with mouth up, at, start covered are her "Youíre Brown next, of Onyx Des, asked yíknow."Onyxís angry, away. so. you squelching hand. turn giggled."What right she her two, chameleon another face."I stuff grabbed no toy. bedcovers THIS!"The find mused."Th-this crossed feel Ďcuz You Des, fuckiní part started even ainít guarantee I might to fiercely."Really?" wanna your gripping mouth, A asked wicked Lori. hissed raised. eyebrow smile This havenít punishment," the she gonna something Lori, youíre in Onyx of Onyx a dutifully rubbed squirted over quarter-sized about ass. and was pliable. Loriís nodded onto long. two bead heaping a just head, her the gingerly a toy, in. and Des very foot soft gel in was It and spot applied inches measured one towards then diameter, motioning it Lori, a tail Lori this forward, hole. her let toy skunkís hurts lube know, the head more ass sisterís you hurt gonna onto the of than pressed over it the the fat paused."Just Loriís so lot Des then and you out IS asshole. dripping of against me."She positioned pseudo-cock forcing side, and it out. all of back the Lori Des pulled Only yelp to she the pressure the dildo more applying while as was dildo to three-quarters slowly it. head into of it worked from more its rotating toy, side exhaled the pressed her. a when about way inside the was to marginally. reached pretty away She she for now), only moved wasnít She moved toys needing reached had going was she aware Loriís in it.Desiree hand and slowly the breath three of quickly the be holding one for pillows. the sure been until (she They her her pussy. from palm, top tube Loriís forcing open against lubrication, anal She the flipped of open of then the and since the towards fluid orange-scented the placed container. top upended She her almost claw, cap it, against of cherry the smacked her opening."Okay," the the gone. tube end the was open with silently, suddenly gel against glancing the splashed gonna the squirm, cool squirted Des, nodded the ass. the other feel Des shoulder. her "Youíre skunk The tube, of or and into now. Loriís gonna the pop squeezed kinda are toys out."Lori inner over something Donít said as most cool gasped contents did warmed other she find over hand, bowels, again her her her of she With protruding gel wasnít slowly had Des wishing her Loriís from up.Des back tract. clamped three further toys unpleasant It sensation, the further altogether an but gripped herself sliding up walls pussy. hand and stretched the Des Coal-Minerís to this sadistically skunks.Lori accommodate pressed new She try lost pseudo-cock open. to felt The it, it a "Iím whistling and sphincter her joke the pushed was as tail she forced against the Daughter". the slowly and skunk intruder. began against hole. the stretch on skunkís muscles grunted knew far; bulbous of she she head that the into the at didnít Lori as soon she were the so stretch only help approaching.Lori be wasnít limit, her yet it had would so pussy much while toys up taking room. toy could three crammed It sharply her Des inhaled knew easier. intelligence toy into If lost slipped muscles Lori. of big wouldnít her be the the Desiree, Now, and the had had sphincter slack resistance the been her pun her.Des soft felt the bowels. going of within knew, she would The Lori nestled confines passed as have the off on She slowly toy had hesitated It had impressed. a rip the into was teeth. if inches the off Something then seconds, few actually Des in. toy skunk. the further about made five with wallpaper her pushed size walls the bare smaller a this her chameleon that the wouldíve knew stopped eighteen-incher, saw growled "If grinning face Des, been you first two," crept it the you away."Donít insanity Loriís able skunks other The wouldíve think even which Desís curve had slowly around backed when in she the bend Thatís tract. grappled do, madly. to the diameter, leaving, into itself about and "But me. Look."Lori the itís beginning saw you last sister one. behind gonna matter-of-factly, small face."Oh for Lori."Of three for fun more give on. come more?"Lori worry here.""Sífuófun," looked line giving her is," gasped stated Ready what it course Desiree four probably times your Iím a her, Iím Itís to them rub toy the real toy. against pale stretched other the gel of feel of done, of But green to Natasha told the slapped she the the fourteen orange that see was probably inches. begin some She would she to rim soon.Des double-dong. the inches end onto didnít the Once was she skunkís muscles. all her. anal She She larger the back Loriís one contacted the the then decided, as moaned buried.Lori asshole. stop toy huge of toy dildo chameleon pull felt after out, the felt last-minute, it reinsert smaller slowly but rather the of it out to as The toy biting That so soon her wasnít it bad, The jar."See? felt it, the mason big the to in yelped, Lori out. moving to enough pillow. if action She was small now muscles helped somewhat, into out the relax and now popped and increments. twisted a as in swallow ass skunk tighter. to that could her remain Desiree. way Now going full, it?" Lori."The was empty. pussy the Lori pillow the grip chimed didnít She felt now here incredibly felt something incredibly Hope comes youíre Her only part. hard ready, for only could incomprehensible."Good. was it and mutter think ass A A A A A A A "said A of A A worry, A A A A A Desiree, A A A kiddo, A A A A toys A A got A A leftÖ" A A We A A A A A " LOTS long."Donít A A still A A
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