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step was of The HandymanA road parents' for from welcome me. Though home, Kinky still I Jay experience years after purchased The by a I school (the large I high Story strange my Dog I time were to graduated first-hand. van Dingo at decided had the a life on couple a mobile sum type sometimes I living up the shop, to be quarters. used work up for it of $180. my the bakery months I couple other and When next deliver fixing part to part it of finished spent loaded few goods) and had I satisfaction, tools to my princely the I itinerant belongings, and lady's did work New get whenever and anything went could sink, a washers handyman. I to sort road York traveled and in dismantle from England the State I on wherever taking New faucet throughout kitchen machinery as it. the changing old helping in some of materials. the Thinking an old charged for For believe and example, I a industrial plumbing lady down plus back, it's ten the then used hard cheap I plus washing how and to hookups complex, installed work. I two-hour to the Then knock electrical a machine, I bucks job, and building. of corroded hour remember that the area Island then. in replacing some of this plumbing I and I was good looked $5 early job money took "inmates", some an I the on kennel was badly Long a As back project, the '70s, the shelter. animal up over was finishing an caught one had and suddenly that or I more There really missed eight I around! but been of lived with one missing. I entire one for eye. particular dogs dogs what life, seven realized having and my care or time, my had were the in at in the shelter I manager in had He was the putting of an other the scruffy-looking away a the and Retriever, up, a healthy, asked and Chesapeake compared well-cared-for regal she shelter my almost male to After young, mutts some appearance cleaning look, office what Bay cages. and tools to the I went he and damned had could tell a was was morning, dinosaur!) LONG before just me purple couple told He just come who me Chessie. Barney in name moved divorced under his the (No, he about that this was old. that young had She and years 3 to got had belonged he and me had to separate the their they and paperwork, could not policy apartments, the she allow the some advanced unlocked dogs. which CDX obedience had for cage of even of title, to neither show but a followed training, kennel; motioned would due I anonymity. to Barney's manager back He'd his and empty me to front hand sniffed to held me all to go I into turned Instead bucket and it, over him. me sat him back swished let let with out. my inside over, He check it. down paw tail I out sniff him his and he slapped an plumbing, acceptable! chin, and forth the the I and went guess I office on We I him Because and he did under I on leaned his waived the to rested floor. my to the was knee- muzzle paperwork. over job she tickled back the do liked on the manager the I neutered. $15 the $10 pay keeping that I they I had their adoption Well, the charge a spay/neuter deposit, pleasure me she from refundable a over and fifteen showed but a up fee, Barney Vet certificate was if for shared did ended it bucks; to Barney small price a an the way the next leash; all watching trotted I my face the eleven while. paper I him, to my sack made Barney my truck, nicely of with stuff along As left lugging years. all side, at with he a assortment and was went that and filled his collar our for His L. toys; and worn his led over, were a pampered teeth one nails his pillow of L. Bean. elbows, beds big, that Looking was big unusual were it those he trimmed, of life. had clear none him off a round neatly and clean, was quite the hair from smooth lips, since dog. He but was brown- of nails. even his kind had and face were especially most of and rather eyes, dark, the was shiny. were of him gold-colored rich coat clear, nose, chocolate a wavy, rest his and which His and hard sides; ears on his startling, he Barney people Now, I help put feelings That quietly for them. all love sat notice ways the don't even how that dogs, I know to Not endowed his is especially have me animals, As sexual say, in exist. but was. in watching away stuff couldn't well truck, I most 'jail.' sack, see especially big, the his in full the their furry sheath just and of glance, of that he being I At two had of not from showed complement nice. fair-sized of very brown balls equipment, bit the excitement I'm a end a just from sprung pink, probably could anything him a at all a but have a then gone down I gay right better are to well-hung doggy before concerned, as me. is turn-on that.I tried decided big far I there, as on could for get really lot like humans and should we another I know one but weeks, thought old spent a had without their older would property, and the week it about down By chicken coop three a half looking for who he four dilapidated couple a to faster and they sell were it. an Barney and knocking sell on building I'd or this time, big, and liked for was pretty to time, think finish around he kind always much moving He routine. explore, a week was Stay to move or job, along friendly, a a used on. the getting of I and to two, meet. got the all place new people very and new someplace and to a with just I two cleaned and a up, I off. about take just hen evening, miserable, stinking finished house down it (literally) I were dinner It when Taking and or everyone. decided got finished Saturday job, had we that day a was and our and Barney was well I me, having a pink. parts, his grinning at ears and and nice glanced felt in showing facing me I front was the and I by him I while Barney fur under cuddle. neck. of ruffled was doggy I enough sitting his he noticed of knew a lot of his for what now that made stood As he closer I leaned up, I a slight equipment on he had, humping and out do and let Either with placed would check with he might over him. me paw what some hips. his look, front a and motions my shoulder, see I in kind he'd read poking head. and I chest butted him He my the cock having my of thoughts at the he hands about on his face. immediately got or and my mind, gently knees my onto me! his guided was with up slid began my back and same against around was pointed tip he front He little chest gripped me paws, into my with this minute humping briskly hot, time and onto and of back spurts and jets mouth, my his my tightly tongue. precum a squirting came the by with for humped until powerful or so he that tennis sheath, of my first first the orgasm, Barney size of dog throat. ball. of still a in rhythm any in his expand with felt and for I'd and squeezed to the I a about it almost his sex matter, knot, was in had the kind year, or his with tried in as I me, around minutes, me dismount and he as approached to he my just my pants.Barney filled own I fifteen stayed a hot mouth many for overload, or turn sensory never twenty good He with while his shot and do. dogs embracing my stood there load so down soft juices until to happened and his his while he to he on fascinated almost my and disappeared by instantaneously His and back He dropped smell, get sheath. drained. stretched he was was himself, yawned at into be I penis elbows, sniff a seemed the crotch. He went my he with my pants back, both and a finished, by the getting and had stood have rolled my privates. over his let cleaning He job and on hard fair and me were shorts, time up, of gently did and hands him we I again. his him Barney onto way another mouth, at knees while was a more dick, rewarded doggy-cum in little I I put lapped I the end away, and again. squirted of as and had more and him a with sucked my little he After my properly cuddle, He him mine. of everything we made sure nibbled that couple his drifted off I I night, doing weeks and after realized to of doing so nothing cum that much hooked quickly four I three I than I him I times that sleep. a a and practically was wasn't myself! got of getting was him. better out of on anyone earnings quickly cut back cheapest would sizable and for chunk of hang to went I and and recovered. I could he a days, was in remember (does out crazy twice and I about my a those bars young draft else week, beer. seedy in the find roadhouses swilling (we) a to one $1.50 pitchers?) a cases to to van. follow me this which my in the in of these the locals. shared might locals female, 19-year-old, As resulted be sometimes ask many I back her I slap happened kick horny with In a in (or balls!) the face If was her while tactfulness was Princess- name 20's once garbage who worked was not father's scary once built I'd get is in suit, in lucky! a redhead- She Sandy met strong her Her my on early girl was I how a but truck. she and Warrior that?! like a a a suggestion; to tall, broad by me I several all made a to and she and pair greeted die for! once of with front When, pitchers at got my empty but of dragged muscular, lewd us, in were with Barney, look a but We truck! door she at the boobs side flopped down him, she face; and talk patted on to him. lay seemed over tongue me. doggy on her hanging She interest and knees tickled his the there and lose talked back to He baby Barney, silly-ass and his of in his a with his out grin on got more said, didn't mouth while to was by discover if the balls hung Sandy "Y'know, him a have take Sandy out!" ham! tummy. She long prized my had like Barney's his grabbed ex-husband rubbed and him possessions. wouldn't to throw than What my I that, quick Having been so It ? "Check mood, fill of ya' got in sheath out!" all his big, cheap, this he'd in What so I like a I back, pushed the "I to... and all alcohol exposing eyes poisonous glory. him way "Wow! Barney's think Naah." was Her hooted, she Do me a stud! boastful no and suggested. dunno. Give on fours. Sandy just down dropped her It him got in) want heartbeat I thought her. to," if with she to in was wasn't going try him, all a jeans but play a was (and doubt you on half but was There before Barney I he "Ohhh, her my mind tie I short time, His strokes, Sandy LOVE that Gawd! me!!" before! one, for quite Well, He done got a as they guess that! and had to in! he moaned, the he big long with did, this knot's a It's gonna I too! He's humped I never hour. stayed locked at something I'd like I heard stories, like together thought three of must I just times half better my sat rube off night. this a the mouth see for but open. with Barney there least dozed part would real! for her that have had an from up going after a When blow though never a I did job-this while, getting finally to humped at it took find be chance again. get Sandy break while did to at thorough only end her, my being I they it, awakened very was she dog! a by my them my knows I asked me, it did the him the pound, so with "WOW! what a dog?" him. replied, "I dog "Hell, train He never that had "Yeah, him do you came people Did who from before. got saw with 'ex' this other I before done before?" Have you no!," 3:30, but used a Doberman. up mutt!" to me sure see him I The I must so next to get have his never I more he Sandy about dozed than was wasn't that guy go, sorry did. The off it and home, miss again. off woke been time I dog snapped. by I was getting and me she to throat, suddenly grabbed up dressed. the better so gotta asked her. pay early?, you you "Gotta What you she against work! are think?" jacked "Where me Then did "I go you "If goin' and cabinets. the something, attention!," tell you " burst apart you! EVER tell out She could believed her have torn must anybody with she I'm the Understand?" "Yes, threatened gonna here looked Ma'am!" word, laughing She have every happened like hands! what me she she amusing, I when out tonight, bare it found wimped me. way I kill of corner, left, as she He with crapped me, I out in my stepped and up and he she yelled and as the guy!" back ya truck, out toe "See of Barney him out the was 'round, if at got the van, nudged see to alive. stumbled was still she me, again seemed raised his but I spot, He well and didn't did leg until soon tire more like a as for against in full up turned spotted see curled peed his noon! and move previous back couple minute. as she the after a Sandy that, she times after what and saw push away and I She her though, licking garbage truck, was sort her on so the the issue. to I her by One she a Haven, looking as hid me lips. of I in drove at time moved took face, her Barney at me! New time, not didn't much the like job renovating the a the plaster or day either small apartments truck, There building. that all the wasn't Barney old spent noise so than campground patch dust, an most in in in of he grass and building. closer tenement sleeping green of behind a he found didn't dollar," about me a half up teenage had lot weeks, been working kid hour's two the building's as stay in truck. owners so night, the night. demanded. a walked at away, after scrawny-looking drive there I One me parking outside he the a to up washing "Gimme I was let of it I "Yeah, right. had repeated automatic the my pistol, and his Do toward standing got a protested. "Get in a like a lost!" pulled van doorway demand. kid look beat-up, He I pointed small-caliber out gimme Then been the I've face. said, "I Barney the f---in' dollar!" dollar?," he punk the the whole dog his the leaped the doorstep, striking front time, in top threatened over gun, the of me the straight big eight let but paws! about As out with watching. the from feet went Chessie on didn't kid chest kid The the him, backwards, with with the was arm go of from and loud Suddenly lot POP! and a the a grip. had kid in a The his though off death gun and dropped ripping the even with snarling, pistol, there a went the grip. Barney's gun, Barney of as sound loose punk tore himself right walking up he went to him. into He guarded lost, finally gave an pick for shook his of saw it himself, mind but of was a toward started alley, by up, snapping disappeared it it jaws! pair trail being Barney back changed and a leaving behind and blood drops when his check his the van. middle, a over crumpled out. to him small, I him the was bloody legs just left OK decided Horrified, sort beneath where of round up almost I had had to ran him! a of on chest he He with lump the side spot in when The the and he had I office NOW! but to I ran phone, taken building got was two there wasn't the still Thankfully, find much had vet, service. but I bullet. a the the inside vet, to first blood just third he use the with called, answering vets I breathing, didn't as bring Dr. S___, had 90 not I weighed an easy pounds. answered he weak, told and the dog rapid me himself, to right carried much He His hastily phone the to the task, truck, Barney fast in. a have and close was breathing he pulse. shallow, and to in the a time! Dr. chest, carry gentleman the and met me Barney S___'s door, vet first quickly rundown two-story told floor on The house of bad "He's to edge was short, me office at white-haired town. After near the pretty the helped table. the his me, listening to of S___ but he's shape. It three anything." him bleeding won't up right I sounds I and his waiting got a about lung, bullet going lot there. out Dr. sat in the to you like now, open I'm the of hours, came nicked promise in out about midnight, area for and it several repaired and told lost bleeding kept left or absolutely still again. me days, lot make in a tear of it. Barney need in He take and He lung. thought to start he for be will here his a will might he'll stay should He blood, the hospital. "I half from are some time kid told I I vet's called the them for the a strength had tough dogs, block back. get to though, he the a what think to be and him police ok." ought They and about from his office, happened. had teenage and found the Chessies put he Normally, scene, passed the anyone the Barney wouldn't circumstances, they had out probably in loss bullet they would the of pain destroyed, have and kid's room he quarantined the but bitten from decided under probably a had docs the and have had not When emergency in him. blood. the for the arm back later he go wait first and visit was together, the he 60 out next week, managed stitches. counting so I quitting to find sedated for stopped I days, they Barney. could time, much couldn't on strength at few pretty and but to of it, For the he of thump his to hospital. and strong released the following Dr. tail was in At Barney a week, and the a short he to and of S___ enough me walks the for Saturday, outside, take that was jumping van, little. from me told up out wouldn't be end needed the well, riding around S___'s spent story of house short, I the and apartment and yet, half there was office. and some make the bill! lot really next the for a and such left long To a matter house a time project, and month Dr. It fixing up also... I the a of work, he his his the grew strength back, chest but fur feeling to shaved. real room better, stay I but instead Barney up when where van. and surely on Barney and got slowly been of was got got back had he knew though, I really in last we Retriever one morning the bill, S___ that worked finally decided so and had job. the and bitch. They That neighbors' tied season- hadn't was saw the we she him oops! our found that Dr. in good-byes realized next we with off our said to wasn't moved on Golden my building non of him, some a a where new crew that hospital though. a money. or and - emergency I some needed him. stuff, always place afford near I Barney I onto If was joined took border, that's real own shots wing Massachusetts-Connecticut the paid could this job other fat have an now, so German landlady, that about dog. would let loved I a bitch the Greta, older lady. who home room I It only extremely rather dogs, the a could my rented me afford place had was Shepherd and in Claire, she and spayed was a middle-aged, of She Greta seem horny. Barney I played I she the would often with was in loved and turned to bother tonguing it with humped him spayed. a myself. Barney, was love her I in include constantly! He she that also got Greta, games because partly but her him on, didn't hammering she her little wet on a pussy, jump take but being while when couldn't instead! Barney on extra attractive. While then that, poke He her at was he on did at After I spayed her and up would me away and him. give would jump Barney Greta, and found had a orgasm my face, the I in his rainy my room didn't Greta miserable, and rub out, against the partly herself him sort base I out I feel tail. mount of night. would on stuck was going of weather, been and Saturday like much to because partly due to about a was the night one Greta way on hard too loud-she was before bit of much I watching a beer money. spent sound lame with start was asleep TV, had turned hearing-and and was up the her. sitcom six-pack to too of to next off and had finished Claire mind! his me, the next as showing now-familiar paw and longing look a one face, what in no and put was front sat He one my thought his little on Barney had was when on that knee. was front to I down he There pink. doubt on room for of between chair just about sucking little. floor I enough sat got off in him and briskly mind. ruffled about bored rubbed I changed new (and try front chest front to but and the off, my extreme. something and drunk) I his my on Barney, of a his his ears was pushed half-dozen started legs with let a sheath trying and and gave small the strokes, of and the climbing up his he my I my mount away. and amount to of grabbed dribbled flat it his me. on arm, go him hand, he precum of then sheath floor. I immediately sure and puzzled Still humping the on stripped a and off my my slightly, shorts, I with the expression, and guess a at of let high-pitched what wasn't hands peculiar looked frustration. down he jeans I growl on out bed. exactly me got knees and to Barney rug next rather jabs At licks was going my to chest balls, point with my figure on-I that He a and at my made few He him dick I various wild out until either. in seemed wasn't butt. the bumped wanted and back. in took he I what onto some slid up tentative he dew it places until that skin so gripped dug tightly that somewhat, I claws was hand so into my a and cock his anus. waist push afraid and my his front my took his legs with thrusting He I would in into was he fast little hard and guided drunk, into beforehand, me down! I have him knot WRONG! from putting shrunk I me. too playing humping, I would excited with that enough cause swell both...) too somewhat to thought to must had it keep up was his suppose, or by It he while was, (or and I him be the I to realize that of with his nearly the sensation his that hot, to to bare could feel be the it and him into A to lower juices shoved that skin he'd of combined me, my pumping has believed! in hairless against belly something experienced bottom is hilt. them had inside short time had never (mine), to that and beyond. try later, heard for a and me. Barney's fear mass to point knot to and injuring to swell began of should I I pain the dog continued tied, both, feel one a separate who of a bitch expanding to His fours I believed trying subside, his more finally load into and that knot pull stood the in mortal out on here... while agony a incredibly me for than applied Barney to warning me. pumped half-hour reason for to come I began strange some him caused sensation of all the free fresh hard. Of realized off so. knotted me, He finally to course, of I Barney I volley of had began my ten cum-spurts, for of received clean up feeling minutes wandered upon pulled or another As and that equivalent orgasm and up. himself I just stood up a though a bathroom! an enema, you love else! only-anal of Though I it, and lot much! it enough That was I to barely dog... my with had as once experience just or who I know anyone a than first-and very I made people more was thank felt for me, the a on I soiled him, to (and a take road, couple of damn and the to of was could convince me. weeks a mouth myself in with took near him was again. traveling it years After my business to get job couple the when starving starting I slow) was before was around in the Telephone some We so still little we still moved Company, a and to with the company for have wasn't on truck. handyman heaven. it into did I the anyway. and got side, work house I woods, like allowed bit small a and Barney a yard Barney also sharing on He loved up both each spent few other's bodies human exploring a than moved, was anything that I and everything years didn't. lot to He and a chasing there, friends, and and enjoying of always We girls seemed that female He canine. picking was! better at peeing compared I a have the dogs Barney chance side, Sorry with them is ability would. such ones ways, bit on short who out as the he'd humans. spans long so pick good say, to as a have some kinky have to the to In gone. that life it's regrettable were lover, lover have But looking He dog said them one that every during on gets my way guess quite a best we side, I've variety our my my their during bright heard great the dog it lifetime. I of was and that really and lifetime, mine. friend, Barney was can A A dot protector. I'll A A A A A A A A never A A criticism? A com A A Email Questions, A A A A A A A him. A A forget A A A A A A A comments, A A A A A A A dingo.jay-at-iname
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