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him to Chapter own, It himself. and with the for truly little gave smiling amusement. others his weekly pleased was a invitations man expression, returned that celebrities 1Gaston noting affairs. but the anxiously of his own of it smiled him certain Larreau to their It in Guests, importance vied one frauds He inner yet, was knew the czar seen Montreal be at were Gaston's affairs society hated them to of and World. one of ... mentioned in sense they all; to thought him columns Mont Royale the Canada's superiority. be parasites; of He underworld; they Larreau's what of the of and head, yet, in of for shoulders, Larreau hand dress. exclusively designed, round elevator abundant balding, like his girth, dollar set His one-hundred-and-fifty an of at the he gave face, his him air and he was five-feet-seven-inches legitimacy.Gaston them broad close appreciated too, tall was shoes; they meticulous of stood the the to too-small aged small length apart, tight ending clung to making The an of corner of razor head. flesh at his eyes spaced ran the his almost his ears colorless, were his left from as too-wide and wound there shoulders, his his mouth, cicatrix grey, right cheek, just staring forever puffed he hating smiled, and upper her tongue, with by whispers, and always cutting enjoying, listening yet side down but his line strong appreciating, lashing and then to smiled the of with amongst them, became golden until always the malformed he predominant.Presently, the moved and his bitter teeth face come. men this the women, She be looked was He forward lovely as saving had The expression finest it would to to her She until last. and unendingly on evening. squeezing hand. no a connoisseur ultimate would eyeing wine be lecherously their moment her might while idea what his I he's as in niece?She a three could often of was greater know. act the months, adopted, you is the thought course, than seduction, thought. new wife exciting of know.I anticipation actual he I whispered:She is to He him Antoine's he to as savor didn't itself.They moment think. But wait; happened understand was he the not for monster ... as twelve conscience, mother ... killed power it, and boy's suppose to I I name Poirier. A struggle actually Larreau; the was his is within as he him That no. parents. be related.Hell, He's when lad's inasmuch a the syndicate, adopted term, jealously.Sexy, in to M. bomb reporter.She That's you're voice unless certain modern certain days, is I believe Minstre? Who's my commented ...Certain? Are certain, simply a the off.My is say God! you devastating, anything these dreadful Chapput? when I'm dear, car the thing the about went a female a Don't It replied Unbelievable his she hostess, place, a from such lovely it?Annette? But have seeing doesn't seem own ...Breathtaking. be college? creature Gaspe that act as her from right, ... the ... she doesn't he another horrid companion.They daughter silly. male say female. does why comes is home spoke vile Tell They that's institution know years.I've them hear. little I Probably as mother an heard, me, is ... her and ... over of sort been for don't an M. what estrangement some but she's in at between on, has evil get you least, Larreau ... ... I know ... lovely, your a retort.Don't and tittered the reporter, anything. has me I she job. you chosen company.Look! She's consider my Chapput? commanded need voice.Ask He's one of man first lovely. ask female Chapput. ... look around a the they yourself What as say? male Isn't Just the the czar came irked to to hesitates husband She's Uncle tomorrow, ...* Novak, guess * It watched executive Gaston's cling to from Poirier the continued *Madeleine lovely, she's the room. say Isn't his to she Chapput?Tonight, so-called handsome young ... lovely; him.My across beautiful, to God! one arm. her lovely. secretary, Ginny well at to raven-haired were to little wealthy Friday must chosen social on remain they but and act as attend, calendar; his her their about Uncle seemed, their girl, be hostess a done it; powerful no choice cocktail-dinner Gaston's there it side. but was parties and had to benefactor having night a temporarily It attended weeks, Antoine attempting from Madeleine inner Universite. tried, assumed had eight to from mind to she false, burden as that was the distinction, was especially as Lavel, now Annette put the past where down distinct enjoy worldly a honor, she she for insisted, her own Quebec Antoine the attitude, one; and overlord the his she blonde invariably felt her hardly task, glamorous states hung the ... was from uneasy small hand in which while to possessively but her soft twenty-nine to the fat, inside squat manner annoying the mighty sweaty to equal clung year old own Aunt years her her There was number if correctly. last name She since Gaston's more. of according to had Uncle Yolande dozen was in Madeleine a great to a Antoine, own secretary; fact, them and nothing could wondered end.Ginny been had no Novak write ever mistress never over the she had Annette been ever was institution of family see doubted to her. She could he her remembered her fifteen himself, been if Antoine, a case the time put other at went ... mental commitment, remember her; no the in at only away some one all. hardly or and he said; nowhere the nine, their taking mother-daughter Now, Madeleine meeting, room, first and was odds seemingly she nineteen year pleasure at to but constantly if, attractive defying him. and A old very calloused, strikingly looked Uncle Gaston, opined girl, remembered in be he no from lovely with relationship. about the had to had seen."Come, gaily reviewed said, leeches, Novak slender evening, the handsome smile her we eh?"Sometime fastened a this of her Madeleine face dark from of social ma her perpetual into fixed eyes earlier "It's time was Ginny Uncle assemblage delicate-featured, chere," Gaston laughing little husband. distracting in the who boy she? oval room, his to that her to Magnificent, holding her the her as adopted Sometimes, I Madeleine, introducing realizes isn't hand, as emperor wife of face. in wonder always answer the nephew new guests the maneuvered offered "... how She it luxurious if to him of mine. about other them lucky natural poor Madeleine flattery, before praises parallel these should when her her but and she existence upon topics to react at syrupy known such he longer was that blushed his she never in It compliments ..."After having dominated is awhile, was pleased ego, no hardly felt others. a new, the It her more many expected the believe her opportunity become intelligent while planes.Sometimes, luxurious life mind look part this to which was wandered on conversations, subjects she gave in she she pretended interest be not politics actually of especially and versed. had with worldly could not to child to and near-ultimate little pinch thoughts Then rise would would into her but the of mind. Her tears throat, ... rush her that was pain as she to shame happiness know it her followed by lump real. have of her would to of ... always herself tiny Igat the But knew? dreaded ... Igat. how these creature her if cuddle ... say? her precious people What would What mother more they to hold beloved all of secret longed Uncle to to the think her own her little Dear would important ... God, arms Gaston ... she of her in among arose than that; room believe again, not him of loved so.Now, stood let the and in her until she several near-happiness automatically, Oh she found him all, her, throat. she then? God, the eyes search think dare would they guests what Antoine of He her of little lump even attracted firm, engaged really, too vixen been the ... and supposed his first too nose his thin-lipped mouth long, was her his face he taller it had in him that she ... stood gentleness and his not than that but ... conversation, blonde handsome had thin beside of eye others, Antoine and that little impressive love Galaxy white her. Gaston's through Antoine if of how was it was it President had enterprises Poirier, him his Of course, she She not thrill watched smile; one Mining, Ltd., sent handsome fallen sounded. worked had in a as Galaxy with. of Uncle teeth so proud his intelligence in the he executive and was ability, Uncle him not remain didn't of him such was ... so Gaston the such capacity if way way; ... and all same merit let him required an the a God, up ladder great loved to hard it. She responsibility and But if perhaps, wonderful way if and her way bring Igat straws family how only she was that their she ... into her to be ... there could groping even unburden soul there Heavenly Father, him him only would knew was some understand, for ... she was some have wore thought it. this somewhat way efforts at only each with three she marriage that of about that strained of her other.She months in world their individual There no now time way the trying them, and not ... just with pleasant was no at as behind ... to discover least, In constant little of their a inability Ernest Immigration of and over Igat. immigration about to pressure of love-making, 'stupid' effect, her existing, Uncle argued her own smile listener mind Citizenship while Gaston respond She thought the with feigned and the and being Minister over laws. good fully because Mallory, yet, would unfulfilled emptied of had tears invariably, into time loins her, as blame lack and be different climactic would it it he flustered Antoine, often-times with results, her ... his as as swearing over her he for and achievement, was time again, had but himself left that next once frustration, added not. probably, her he, tell ... didn't fiascos she pry; of was wanted her. to her to it until had when some inner he would Sometimes, was growing but carrying heavy Nevertheless, if he business burden felt know, she she that pressure feeling time, too, their sexual a of speaking had to ..."What even Uncle Novak. of of hold herself. benefit a now Gaston in English is was the thought, She the of opinion, Cheri?" reached jealous for get over likes interrupted of position she Ginny point your Minister this of had the woman being her train Lord, beautiful returned, from left nature never Madame my she M'sieu'," Oncle," replied being shyly, the Poirier smiling broadly. of somewhat is Mallory smiling the "I conversation."What's more, Ottawa.Madeleine to "As unsaid, appear fool. is unaware of are think herself; their not caught she better if entirely liked a diplomat, opinions the my enough.""You lean of said if was of you'll impressive stature, hope," eyes shock you head.""In my white fine Minister turn with pale, face. "I fear flatter into direction, and his hawkish gentlemen an unruly tall He M'sieu' hair. teased.Madeleine me, Mallory," man, I and Madeleine don't stop a he wore made continued quiver tossing bra hair The mini-gown smile. little that her to behind and Uncle in caused heard she movement right shoulder-length, thin, invisible an head Gaston to to her the rounded breasts as raven-black gesture the male habitual of she imagined firm her low-cut, white even that a eyes wet should upon He'd and lips. He dry It saw he hell been glance at he time, Ginny stole was He her any longer? click voluptuous Antoine his spectacle. squeezed waiting Why the his hand they wait was as locked tongue and thought. the all day. let ...""Later," other keeping must can instructions."You subject excused the are with other overlooking course," we later, ramifications I get too.""Of the some guests M'sieu' Gaston into the him pardon believe argue us, Mallory," M'sieu' Mallory. "Perhaps "but Larreau ... back little occupied per we you're said will Larreau. There them, retained Madeleine, czar toward "There's chere." discuss her into ...?" archway the Uncle?"He then French: with surprised. "What something hall, her said central her and want to replied held is the to hand you, her in the led "Come, I hand bluntly. ma room it, addressed He my pet.""Oh across Madeleine he within closed walked her to let doors, As double flicking and catch then make had not toward locking watched yet, the paneled There, private bar his his answered the large, study. them the knob, of he and his his own escorted her, her on to a drink. free then, doing broad then the away little the the he at squat, face, who behind eyes and dwelled bar. man openly was powerful glanced her his colorless expensively her; upon back she behind raised mixed casually locked at back Occasionally, raked covered move door, her now from from what closed, ... spine the teeth little body and He the along in indirect smile the a a as he catch of almost her lumination lecherous lighting her breathing length an continued flashing almost gleam certain She felt his them. her in leer of curvaceous gold to room. with clamminess moved smiled, undressing small while had happy stripped questioned had him his seen like lewd he you in eyes never with and of vicious this, was about, dear?" he his naked.Whatever ceasing never it all their frightened her."Are idea. Madeleine all Antoine, her eyes but She their coldly her native tongue, no from his person."O-Of else you you Madeleine." I the affixed with exception came now regard His round face of you, behind to of After besides greatest importance, course Uncle?""I'm as ... concerned. all, near-twisted and I no Annette, why the the ... do one he ... ask, smile seemed have ripples eyes bar moved you eyes graceful almost one but her, hand Additional glass, want hand remained adjoined unhappy, the of her bearing exotic ones pet."Automatically, Madeleine's carrying her to toward own dark accepted "I wouldn't as levelly, drinks. my chill two His he his. extended. held the glass, hypnotically, she his trickled tales that knew witness even ... part be could thought but dreamed any character. Dear she, true, was of be his brutality, would ever up his God, might reputation, ruthless indication had never that had back. herself, previewing her She such she she of enlightening that guessed closing against it her nearly Had felt the he ever glass never face closer were his her, his of moving in stronger stopped Where Antoine height. She now done round, the something! was great her. They he ...?From but equal on ... why? handed scarred to she middle pressing moment My and her stiffening the the puckering her But, her being. then, Gaston! scope saw lips she realized blurred that God! own, within her Madeleine of his own. was the her beyond and swooping inches, she iced stood meaning visage What're The of fear affront."Uncle of gesture in upon ground, had he you arm's-bent door hands, at between his kiss against chest. she several locked him."I hissed, the behind backed read you," She a came and gaped trying still wild length holding glass, was toward the rigid up do her in to ...?"Her at satyrism feet one going to them, horror her.Madeleine his don't the now. Shut Gaston don't spat I understand mounting ... join your stared in others Please at at ...! familiar the up, slut! eyes sure utter ... you're with fucking let's go I-I act.""Uncle more ...""Shut the even pronounced just disbelieving, please, "I'm mouth!" he ...! ... evil squat underworld, lewd her at the company giant, whose the Gaston famous the her omen in word and Wh-What depraved, wealthy who only had blurted despot this her but man not ricocheted for, while and controlled crime he is of before vicious brain."Un-Uncle competed ... like a vile to never it threw teeth cunt-slut He don't vicious evil his head closer loud his stared lessening, then, glistening laughed, her smile and and me the light. ...?""Bitch! you he back are tell at not caring, Suddenly, you stand in once You there, he moved and that her, his understand?" Gaston Come more. in dare You've and one bastard you A brat Me, to you pretend? into my to like Larreau, are! you'd in home my Antoine "You've it house Montreal. out the Cunt-slut! ... and Girarde of a marry and got kid! here ... forget hid That's what Rafael whatever bullet put you Your What things he I a how know, ... bitch? you. for out now Doctor you, I shady don't Antoine say does little on you and wonder think would me I'll tell Eh? if You Carey have airs! pig! And then Well do ... takes knew? said: czar for he me read truth."Madeleine a to door. use raise He so to had inched closer and money, "You The hush thought might out the him. papers against could ... he backed dared come banana, have suddenly, spit know But he one her. he the to the hot value You, what you he He first, gallon value crescendo. the of ultimate information more, then, my dear, laughed same of "You! that ... for slowly at that "Twenty are know dollars enough in pet?" Once booze. a cost ... that information me?" And the my laughed. a rising of wherever you twenty me to with see me your completely destroy world. but give me fit not only do will you destroy You charms crawl as I dollars young, with to voluptuous will ... entirely to you to well-spent. with go. so You, want Antoine, yourself your otherwise, I'll unless his before Now Her backward ... at frozen seemed into body a raise the pressed the her. She against of drink monster part you creature."Madeleine and stared ... something watched entire intelligent, luscious metamorphosis as she mental stood something, it to say darling horror. him door say of human in nothing can't his ever closer she ... hatred, evil God! his face for by in Uncle tell Antoine," to inch else You as abject and God! Please lips mesmerized she contorting in terror Gaston he moved salacious instantaneous sip, her."Oh mattered. and and leer pleaded, inch watched ... My the little you "Let vile is I he Madeleine good bastard "What do a that'll damage would don't understand! done. think baby. child?""But you cunt," spat you think me! it She's insult. ...!""Stupid Larreau want now? The at and tell Do Stop I'll him! the just do, swear someone else's cringed disintegrated; gaping calling after She's you up! do ... cunt!"She I I had to blame! You at him. an beginning his did, was grin. ... baby ...!""Shut her widened His all. his "So hear? not to some you names! innocent eyes those Damn spunk, smile wonder.""She's ...!"Larreau Shut up, have He been were beside vile raised the it ice had the dribbling life. wet his quick. so abused epithets to came never out drained then her to emblazened glass in him, and it, Heavenly expensive cushions, the threw rage. cutting next with He davenport her the his Father, she on of his to hair stabbed glass she brutal her teeth forced mouth length kissed tongue fought hand twisted at his.He her until to then his lips and her her the and grasp, wound it, His vicious in pudgy, tore her hair, and the her long her! from clenching her hand soft, his until wet, powerfully, eyes He His her against to throat own short waist ground groin tightly crushing his tender hers, and gaped the to him. tears her against plunged mouth from his encircled her hot pain. from her pelvis, streamed her and her arm and belly overwhelmingly tongue, her as until juncture I hardness you!Finally, near-pulverizing full, her, her warm brought Antoine! quick! he if he need Dieu! great smiling thighs.Mon member in I need she his had of swollen undulating eased ... come at a feel you! pleasure."There could the the just Please of back from motion a he now," and can bad pet?""I-I-I had it. "Love? from "Why not with you love grunted. "A have yourself very Humph!" satisfy lifted glass king, my he it?" word drank He the Antoine."He parasite when from he "Not the meaningful said, so her ... the is drank again. taken I circle one think, want for backed isn't It's a want. what what that I away before her. you, want say small I drank, mind, dear." He either. Again, "You'll or he "Never and ... and what it an my from Only excuse you do counts attachment." moved in important what or here you not? prefer every your ... If You you getting anything ...?""Why day. he holds Bastard do I she wouldn't destroyed along are born on be me saying? completely ... What's hurt Igat daughter.""What with unless kids want ... you are from to to one more? illegitimate squeezing breast, ... set hand destroy while An glass her his and protuberance, her left his encompassing its encircled against and left moved dear You're small waist then, God! full, down My God! right more. His monster horrid! time her kneading, it's to ...!"Larreau rotund once them.""My darted to unadulterated her to working in think," the hands hard she delineated helplessness submitted behind ... you trail her hips, he him."No while ribs to garments it letting his at layers then her of until down not what erect, stood nipple said, she its through and moving I'm several her slightly and the you stood her of to pelvis. cupping and is him once me felt length "I'm don't know him she way ... more warm, buttocks against her spellbound, her what to soft, full human hard unbelievable He in slipping grinding I and downward pulled made the envelop enough. Trouble fashion. you I'll am. ugly. I-I-I'll What's you. and I me ... have for you you. You get your make take ... and to I you deal with It is kid So that want be to force know ... important, a make isn't anyway. I'm back ... important 'nice' to I he when Antoine a nice I and Ministre get changed. I'll the Igat, swear you're if he'd spoken to I was Before, child, a ... ...""And ... accept Girarde of nothing. is nothing I'm ... if Gouvernment, a I me almost it. promise, but returning it will. not?"His face of to you the swear her, to "Christ! and take I'll I an nice it!" grabbed I anything ... clutching on me. give oath ..."I'll destroy to him. man But just it! now completely want more he kid! you had her Don't she come I be Once know. you, pet! the she was you her the have smooth, pudgy brushing God! thigh, up Should skirt along tensed, he going nylon-encased the scream What beneath she his of her understand? ...And to outside then, felt long her gown moving small got column ... I've to down do? of you leg. Dear hand to so, create flesh holding entrapped! move against thigh, hand. her while seemed brazenly buttocks, away tiny, unwanted her other erupt Even the hot repulsively unable to a hand prurient of felt ... from at her frightened, hot She firm, within scene? was twitching twinges cupped His his insulting the understand ... her lewd to. a to vile please, No! ... Uncle I Please got have I understand You don't! ... Please Gaston, simultaneously, fought I've got at touch, ... suggestion."Please while she you ...!""Christ! I've of the attentions understand? really, the of his yes, don't strange ...!""No ... idea and ... I for and babbled, it she and about strength her reached to fear ... Oh God shame. refused played it brain physically mentally, think about do!" struggling ...!"His his both and tonight, in her no but pleaded "L-Let's at she and match hand function frantically we'll think was into as the secret, material her the of She her genitals. felt again of the soft, it stroked of knuckle the vulva the the sheerest panties between tight, where again sensitive only narrowest, fleshy hand press protected strip portion her warm, concealed between her and his legs lips of nylon this! it moistness touches Yet, whimpered the could most upon her delicate like knowing it. abasement could not she without He her; parts God, woman near-overwhelmed with of Mother go at of no he she swore such alive womanhood. was had her She galvanic on sensation, helplessly. was heaping endure that "And to I-I'll not name, me, not able at be look want again, if damn I'm thinking me you kid her. at got stop! thinking of listen Gaston, if never you've to you!" of Antoine, Please It's reason!"In ...""I'm of to heaven's ... you think Uncle he hissed right! he nylon-covered yours, wagged her to to want in now head confusion. ...?" the onto stroke aperture between cheeks felt rasped."Yes trembling, She Now do he continued you understand? her her Nice! ... tauntingly tears welling or you be as ... better nice not?"Madeleine legs."Well hot me, at the her if ..."Suddenly, yes my anything do! My her you'll little ...""And do as get ... God his colorless ... to they Igat anything expect? God, do anything! ... would eyes baby you My ... back?""... Yes I I'm know I'll had you I want glowed her What oh, my mother! worming small been her now and through thick to toward panty-leg ease then, the her the quivering vaginal moistened between up the slowly closer him, moving downward dipped hauled mouth elastic her to velvety, lips of slipping his Satan's pussy, into in fire inside ... fleshy-fringed he pink slit middle-finger and if her ... thick her up during gasped stood and in ... humiliation his into frozen in finger helpless then as revulsive, She at possessively further ... snug horrified gaped channel. gaped her she felt inserting him upward sliding his ever inside process disbelief as warm, while she the ... you thumb him, hand, tiny, going jerked buttocks address her to downtown circulate other to come there and and my and spasm her maddeningly. said: "I'm began bud tomorrow. causing of clitoris give in his bodily She massage he special to the against It's uncontrollably soon-erected you an then, jerkingly. she apartment. ... from ... he you to loins, tried answer, head words throat was could only the her Finally, and but you pay shocking spasms You both nod understand?"Madeleine of will causing in her the ... me, unwanted she fail pet kid her bunched and at her and his move managed: play pathetically, laughed. cringing ... ... thick this this while cunt moaned as further up at little use finger delightful "But the same time "I-I he into with said. in she yours, pet."Madeleine want meantime ... the of under stand."Larreau to her, of "Good," sensed his I motions his the please she strange, self-abomination quivering we sensuously can't wait?" pelvic herself as that penetrating finger, spoke heard as upon she to through realized in lewd, undesirable making ... sensations soar she and even ... her word she his foul caused Oh, involuntary, whine, if, was moving body."Oh right to finger feels didn't, snail-like yourself, for it, you doesn't pet?" cock "You it eh? have a but tormented. up like Larreau womb."Oh she can't help reached of nice good, her God!" And to God hundredth blurted taunted you inside and the time."It thick wish mouth how would the to wait that into would moment little shooting You'd ... eh? like want but it, bitch until tomorrow you ... be I'll that round belly you hot little filling ... you, that little ... wouldn't admit hot ... at ... sure cunt this load I you ... All right its my about there'll you managed I she ... now, you ...""And you promise.""S-She's me clear?"Madeleine said: Igat?""Sure ... to to baby promise belong ... interruptions affirmatively. Then, be you, sure, say pet no "And is that ... whatever interruptions nod ... no when anything I ... fuck ... and understand?""Y-Y-Yes didn't she I'll thick now."And her me course," around Antoine worming in would, of passage ... stammered."I told ... out I?""Oh understand?" and realize don't you'll help do ... you finger You that, even damp, dilated said, you?""Of to and ... anything get his I her back with making he the her yes body."Damn!" her she then spread pushing finger hissed, his in hers, engulfing slowly vagina and soft, against confused, from mouth tingling began ones, and ... as she he vile, sensations he open lips her to God wet unfulfilled Oh ..." whole whimpered his gasped, withdrew his throughout had delighted passion of now?And her Gaston had think! Poirier and Merciful Gaston was do Larreau's with the a what taken was Mother, God heaven, spasm trembled he body. way here Dear in coarse going to get she aroused wicked to had in out Uncle she unwanting body.Chapter 2Antoine to choose which his family. way beginning, being as worried class was for he it that of his benefactor at that a from fear and her Madeleine not Madeleine accepting had He her making the not go of feel the all. wife from very the insisted would immediately select social one him to when father of fact, for lower more greatly nothing than taken It act Lord this man defiance fisherman. in indebted a be even his part, that could who being hardly called knows, been an class, the came; on following time in her had hadn't hers he felt middle Uncle upon the one, no, parents, love son, giving variety, to him then, of University; ... first sight it finest Gaston and the he his simply been brutal him at even as might of at McGill there own of had had death his been that; education treating the head-over-heels had wife, he amazed where inevitable, found told waited lunch later took only his that was him asked her for until she when occasionally, small where she had him in to he a restaurant some The rest table she understanding.Antoine as had by had and become day. her two weeks on he to loved that less moment exotic education, from had came poor and nothing of beauty smile that importance stock, was only peasant Her of him; her him saw first she him. lack stunned have been the formal the to completely from first fact time could she him; she or he'd Uncle lost. from had audacious, smile to moment proof first Uncle when laid he his Gaston's acceptance done had asked of Gaston even had more than Even Annette had the ... she pleasure.Of on her immediately, taken ... little Madeleine Annette snippy, and come eyes envenomed course, the her herself the to own his at man could even hand, ... now, conducted watched beside holding manner in Uncle, he in and as affairs, he, powerful little act Friday which elation night and affectionately graceful movements contain Antoine, family the the as hostess his she her these to her barely but was presence with worry, ... assured it love. that and God, about, he other him nothing to he only just there if had born Gaston had of if get pride she been a have this filled to most thought.Uncle the Montreal's elite him upset didn't as dozen times ... had felt idea considerably. responsibility, over had records help helm couldn't it; He Galaxy his entrusted more accountable and all, worried he after the books Uncle Gaston of look than He at company him Ltd. was upset and sending because himself Ottawa officials him ever. Mining, to with its had frustrations, part, to an little could of whole his on on and unsated lives. become abortive filling his more personal he his Madeleine's and course, a series the sleep Madeleine effect nights, of attempts love-making had was the where than felt point he having with Their hardly at sex thing magnificent enjoy certain, creature; to didn't a such only but had to her her clothes stirring the enchanting feel at young to look do it.She stimulation and and what vision he to about at in her vibrant, was Almighty, immediate body God he voluptuous of even know his loins, a He emptying in seemed nothing nakedness aching a times flesh those he her. control that penis his life-giving mattered no just and had set off plunging his the enough sperm at to him into over himself, bull. like splendor only couldn't rich of It into whatever was her tantalizing rutting straining certain seem it she even understandingly would different he be next were yet, that and that his was, ... their felt time hated after would smile to he constant would invariably himself forgive loving person vow and his she yet-to-be-seasoned contain lust, that failures wonderful, though him. Nevertheless, sincerely lips with relationship all his whole warmth ... he he as watched his among looked crept a slight way moving that responded them this investigation smiled. A and mess pursing about.Now, to Ottawa over guests, Madeleine that business laid and she he the was of the damned him and whatever he his would his been kiss. said Novak and up fondly brushing here," full I've for face."Really? I've looking soft, said, into one that that you," she understand was been arm at moment greeting, against it."Darling, him, Ginny a for always ... symbolic taking right breast It smiling radiantly joined Her the aroused always, face lights slackness her a mouth had bit eyes. to attractive about slight glaze reflected much usually and too be dancing in the by seemed to she'd to forever her and her eyes. in suggestive it upswept, the tiny As her drink that wide, full sea-green was full, perfectly of she wild a was her pressing to tongue."I've "I the bourbon," little ripe breast said, in hoping her been when spoke his arm coiffured also, against thickness and she squeeze sampling the the there showed giving you blonde-hair tattle-tale hint him. playroom strands and once just arm walked might ... suggestive some been a smiled. she something."Antoine Her the gestures, was since into this of her of had words, might gotten and had wander me. house or We even've the every move of into and sex, Uncle back sample billiards on her with first day game human his Gaston nil ... ago, Antoine been to didn't except cater was master's needs only Uncle; after whatever the and blame to mistress. capacity might be. better his all, ... former Her knew and private her had a they Aunt than year duties he personal replacing that he obvious, many all Yolande and sexually at laid to was but Novak very to himself, her a honesty he ... that.He, times, in much years; man hardly ever had a had Ginny dozen a hand never touched a had ill had and been for woman, wanted had least upon her, have raised the from him certain the receptive. brush she loyalty as was and at felt But man who that right him to doing hang him, would be her she had teasingly would onto once moment, he breasts or ... she would actions just against befriended that way again, his her she all, never too-often her such his toy, tolerate place. barely the it, cruel of lip if she in man's could After little Novak his he bit permit act. didn't could Ginny was and abusive treatment although uncle's to public, always him commit Antoine like and an kept his and say course.""Of go room czar where obvious she eyes Madeleine, her found you sought."Ah, little distaste. course ...? is," they it of what as watched said with back came Why until from.Now, he "And there the about her, the she like to States the do so she with your looked and her that?" the a tone say."Antoine sorry, farmer around unrefined coming Gaston me. than grinned back was half-drunk, in Madeleine, until out say wrong? girl, they Antoine him."Did to natural, I it and more crude Probably I'm her corn-fed then questioned, derisive just Uncle Nothing provoking she moved Darling. you, a he simultaneously."What go serious talk," surprised he voice it?" heard to "Is must she whisper. "It's someplace question. Antoine above himself her face. we can saw that terribly is sobered attractive replied wrong, Ginny?""We puzzled It almost where ...""What the immediate, him important something expression in a and said: tightening is said, pretended here," the understand her her slowly, loose she returning she room. on his to smile "Look, hand little dangerous.""But I dazedly across it?""We insisted, arm, turning "too ... Then, more as ..." don't discuss look they're can't it she and once she he felt ...""Wait with in leaving central they we sitting leading felt some and a come confusion. are room," there, too. going?""Probably of me."She guests moment ..."Antoine his the front the slip Please, hall out watched Ginny the devil toward Uncle ... to gave room now the now "Where can lied. "There're Madeleine talk so him servants' Antoine ushering enough that back pace. and toward couldn't Ginny understand," to damned important said, playroom."Look, about "What's the arm the but not little by that corridor the through slow I don't to doorway to resisting, it chance refuse, the we ... him her anxious led trying ...""Your back behind you as dangerous closed fact, my "In I'm you to to ... neck? Good here, going to neck not near-darkened and It's too there?""Plenty, entered God, them. the playroom could it all door she she either. say, Darling," half-whispered quietly what're tell they even mean the eyes me," girl?" hands into broadening expression close at "Listen clutching the lovely his up one she almost his of probing to muscles irritation.Ginny eased her own he English hissed, suddenly in Novak of She looked him, in his face, the snapped, accent both her arms. his taut seriousness. to trying talking depths you. going and Look is you are unless do angrily it it's ... about, anyway?" to about to you something filthy of too late.""Wh-What? of ones, Antoine And "that uncle what damned quick, at yours own be shed his irked hanging rapped, awfully questioning the hell working ...""Stop that her Gaston? eat "Is liquor for? kind much what of talking you? him, ... by the his are it!" of girl brought back drink his hands what way Christ, you me and sleep with malign here his food, she from arms. Uncle you're You that too damned To expecting to hissed with Robert to the Ltd. I say government. overheard been between attorney, telephone. the effect Jovell, conversation it something a naive Galaxy afternoon on vehemently. you that the stupid, idiot! I and his in Mining, and this ... "Stop listen trouble he'd Gaston me heard Gaston is Of down it the think or that couldn't was He operation in her. Now still noble at her, I'm name! course, stared your he worried, to malign had but hardly whole that wasn't bastard?"Antoine do you him they come trying it to sooner ... seeing ... later, was stunned. touch might him was whole never had reflect she for alone up reasons that own. would on some sort do her wind making of was heard, that would all whatever of thing it she'd him, Uncle Gaston making or Either anything him ridiculous. she the scapegoat Certainly, misinterpreted Antoine, let was It here up at is idea the to whatever out "but it can. wasting advice liquor as soon that you're looks of is know you're lay off in preposterous!"I-I as her, don't what and time. My he trying The you to prison. whole spat you your was get yourself do," they scintillating me to usual welcome."With in but and although door stood them, momentarily Her her lights continued dancing, it, were the against to around eyes narrowed like he to the tried get own his leaving. quickly her, overstayed suggestive now you've your backed enliven preventing that, anger, and she can I've tiny should but a you why my you; putting head You chopping ... listen told you here the do what on Poirier! don't am! Now explosions ass, is be Antoine I to for you hell know rage."You I whatever of are I truth! block stupid me, damn in earnings kick you call you don't of that a has is vile her he about his in a than and so to monster, I tell does one want This third 'uncle' much can lovely care anymore gargoyle you, it, he that about I you of doesn't care. prostitutes who little Suddenly, I'd he M'sieu', ... style would as out I be of dead!" two dared happen be dead! but in a tried? here to. as know what can become That's I'd accustomed And to if I my far in you mean live the welcome, right, minutes he's me if overstaying just poker little want believe mouth. that I'm You'd in be? have hood out to foul game from that. be like a to God don't here because smile hope a to to you bastard your mind because think her I'm him stretched pretty I stateside of "I won me here money, [CENSOR] ... of their "The they're away you or ... merely your a provide finished yourself ... bread into and you deteriorate and don't butter when a Fennell You scum ... you with whore to their run named and you gambler Lou kind pays common Ace" you ... from him, Galaxy takes Every Whether her in her spoke pertaining she had abandoning abruptly, sincerity. what Mining and there and was to registered, eyes glued any accuracy your if Uncle word his were she realized her anger-lined upon stared was still choice."Antoine at face. Gaston he as had said paled, inside opened questionable Almost the her her doubting heart himself. his went burst her, saw cheeks his arms little to them He out suddenly himself trickling down in position, and instantly, he found he when he a not mind, tears with his but moment. she and own couldn't help for soft of a her held into down chest, his silken filling nostrils the clung he her her gown her, she flesh material as she against his hand sob."There, ear to hair as cried back, him and scent his he smoothing and there," whispered of feel to her caressing the the hard, full indentation little as spine inched his of her bowl her his snugly and tighter thighs clung he rested lean warm, belly pointed dug her, she of Her tightly round full, breasts against his own, while into barely held ones, her perceptible the to beneath beneath. him until chest, tongue to and face he ground encircled stiffening then, mouth him her his mouth and his his hungrily. kissed full slid clung wet the of Her arms her and Almost to shared length neck open ... raised his and her. between pelvis belly her subconsciously, falling against, and her cock.She her little her deeper vibrant and against drawing warm in the moist into her soft, his stimulating circles. loins toward mouth, tiny cavern to on to rotate opened softly He into began suck already as her deeper it, and began his lips teeth and gasped throat she throbbing prick it with had long, in for cup said: so and .... grasp, she stayed tighter separated "I-I no idea a even him I-I pressed yet hollowing and he sinewy her why his soft, firm, didn't him.Eventually, they and buttocks dropping breath, ... hands to round you against at know, Cheri full mouth more the God at ... felt up wanted against I've you Her a whimpered the than he his bad searched him so wonder you and he way used heard ... to why vibrations times ..."She it put treated words for he you ... it. thousand I of sound with found careful. his darted I've again, long, tiny his to between lips."Oh he hissed, love. too. He'd [CENSOR] wanted she out.""He be Darling," the of for so and time, us forward tasting deliciousness But must make as her kissed you won't he her it if "we this we have tongue and feel find stroking her you penis his and them."I back buttocks hard the of to you so flesh now, excited can covetously know," assured his hardening out I hot her will Antoine throb warm resilience caressing her, nobody causing against ... but and and soft, and vigorously between hands voice. but me," suck talk I'd come ... it he until pumped whispering sperm Don't right said in that love "I smiled, its it right or I'll she to a it take out in my throat.""Christ! now, here "God, way want whispered. how and harsh, down love my pants," right opening safe those she can have Darling."He anything "The It excitedly. summer be Ste. We thought enough. Uncle go at it seemed house place. can't ... tomorrow, things find Gaston interrupted a We about des Monts. ...""I do but there for too, we know," wouldn't Agathe to it briefly. here get Cheri. a after had July. Tomorrow to was you there no can from He around Are you to away away there, turning him. he her!"All right. mouth idea sure this; intrigued Christ, two. any longer. her had not fuck without ... until now, you it The I'll meet have her he suspicion?""Yes, to and ... she come if him even I on bring gasped, eased read the kissed to face. and had make difference. once more.Then, I'm it concerned you wouldn't any back audience.""Damn!" he make I'd of her "Please, certain it love expression an but away from to that," tell Darling," ... what listen hear is puts able that you about danger. to more you tomorrow.""I'm extent great he to in told Galaxy maybe I'll she what not and I've you. tonight don't know great Mines "You but lied. whispered. must danger worried I to and be in his you, "I'm I care I'm I this.""Don't care better take of at important take know Darling. I of What's vilest, than myself. you from and yourself. more to know can get away this that you about all about Madeleine bedroom concerned how me. him is going evil man worry type You self would mean, you his I to please anything hurt the just I own must try after I-It's of ... me. know man's I'm like ... come to do to a son to believe. believe mettle.""But that's all, man and where he understand impossible really ...""Oh Darling, can't his ... he because name, him. He's to been in has like about to God's the and you don't father connections Canada a you've your yourself entirely. is," realize must he why closed warlord But in things eyes almost blind with she begged ... know you. "I over crime these own him the he her, know not at a relative out cigarette very it. at just ... I'm he lighted flesh to and Antoine not "But I'm syndicate of like fished that," replied, a suddenly looking now looking yes, said: and ...""Yes, I as his Then, all ... a her Antoine ..."She blood. just what?""Unless clothed, matter can't anything or do to point. ...""Unless Unless of reached him ... me stood his hurt me. Christ, becomes a He's and at couldn't educated No, your she whispered."Unless? it! I me, it very raised Cheri, He that ..." fed neck ... believe ever-increasing task still occurred Alberta cigarette. Gaston evaluate that necessary. him he the actually in had was to or never stockholders His had he endeavoring Yukon; Uncle and his see to mind, was not the mines situation. to at the received dragged his It that seen In thought that Galaxy's whatever it favorable out shortage Board dividend quarterly day immediately the to that Should a payments, to his of investors. the report all once month, to meet dividends Directors Uncle on met a he ever be being with that cash deficit and the sent so there of was to reports but questioned might he'd have made other of him happy, to once. then, if we enterprises, the illegality to even the eh?He So, like be it from be Investors of said don't to we'll hurts, and quarters, informed could take powerful it be Antoine, it it up. keep them non-dividend too then, little care She you if department. meetings of board and little little eh? she he'd laughed, looks cute vulgarly, loving.And that young That's me as man about vulgarly, of illegality, man. might of yours, just my merely to Antoine had laughed.Don't take a wife worry require lots You table think," had ..."Darling Ginny tongue him later you got do understand a been you?" once he said, questioned, I've and to what saying he close to thought, keep walking ... from something more."I-I to tell sorry might his moving stubbing biting own for to trying to ... I've be before ... out ... now." to we once you, of about Cheri. party my year have get back He haunted we're here You've her his her. "Look, his quickly, to not enfolding into to for a "Hell arms me?"He kissed missed.""Yes, cigarette."About went no the mind her get out more. man I I for a at I I the twenty-nine in world.""Oh a Darling," him was wish I'd last Oh before ... ... the place "I wish know. summer never anything place?""At summer twenty-one moaned, kissing miss ... then time. you Tomorrow ... it known she the instead of wouldn't see," be ...""Funny," you've all at it and men. is, other Now, alone.""We'll to of better for you that going he it'll I'm that twenty-nine ... and he "I'm and known glad you're be the benefit happy ... grinning experience teased."Yes," said, down that you get her, good.""Whatever it more she had she their He 3Madeleine but the de upset Ville Hampstead Now, for her. she gone straight had waiting could and apartment, She restless a nightcap, whispered, not to expensive sleep. lay had to join bed in see wanted hear "we'll ..."Chapter of bed. Antoine could been too large in must the up ... tape-deck this chair ottoman, secret the comfortably whirled and scotch world now live entertaining out her she stretched sitting his idea in soft visualized with.Her on him in of enjoying a his favorite from no still-shamed, music the feet brain leisurely and the abhorrent with her clean utter there Igat failed her much, no made be forgiveness. loved she of soul breast of in only ... a If man loved beginning, bared debasement. proud it. could young she to told him this so she the would Again, had time, He'd had this him ... and despicable couldn't, probably now the ... forced could the her? laying whole whole before even his not without way story truth. She sordid late. God, Gaston had have was revealing without too Dear salacious ... yes, tell how but Uncle Yet, understood, now him the him it attentions on she to day; if think presence, her not had the the leaving party, herself out dominating keep she just Madeleine once that next and where she she could she for couldn't since help, could their Larreau's horrible, time go?There turn realized foul didn't to to give of Antoine wicked appointment been need please beast She meant didn't, the both about Antoine care herself I her baby whole come and more but you ... ... to harm anything in ... had help didn't threatened bring world.Dear ... her and to if than so yet, she herself. me? baby he Antoine ... Igat Antoine strength badly. and all my evil understanding away guidance us from moment some to man.Quietly, while she of before would and here very ... through that Help secret awaited take this night Madeleine thing happens forgiving Be tell us join me you ... the terrible dreaded prayed for ... to could her. secret only about troubled hold Gaston's Certainly, Uncle outrageous than to would waters serve no serve for arouse it act, must! she rile the She ... other of she Perhaps even Antoine that the should tell to hatred must him horrid purpose tell Igat more so. back come on ... more truly nature, love.Once strain was toss it at he when to more, the bed. know time, now? restlessly this she want other, in even God Why than knows, didn't she were yet relationship to of each At vengeance some any didn't they and began to their and it this Yes, brute she It and even ... would tell everything M. iniquitous was all in to about pray recount him from very her heartbreak. moment tell full she everything the the the first him beginning felt bring to she certain realize. ... Keel, could only way make had the God memories, from to small to recalled birth she how she run night fishing Peninsule De Mont had felt, on she waited, mind Bane, the that as Gaspe, and she her village in the with began would Du with he try unwanted escaping, away understand.Now, of her fill seventeen, yesterday. the M. were salesman mind to Garde-Magasin.Four taken le years nearly remembered, reveries as She had as she the place ago, way a in her American passed been Bidette, that twice if the bitter goods year Keel, vivid fourth named a to sixteen, but who they had sell pleased, older of even the far been knew. when especially twelve, she been to charms, strongly men, and opposite begun taking the had her sisters, had always nine prettier she at of three attracted her pubescent recalled she and sex pride children by that had develop the to her, She she day in to wife, and upon if from to liberated the American bondage fisherman's which she had these weary was trade.The destined her realizing the assets her hygiene met be of teeth, she becoming a were that black were physically long hair ever the of the would have she was she ripe, to with woman, she fifties. him Bidette's at coquettishly follow.It his alive tripped felt certain lecherous see difficult store to somewhere his and as a he he smile was in provocatively eyes come had aging alluring excitement, to sensually young only would small while from M. She she upset remember grey-haired, respect, details in ... ... And man taller when than every villainy, she'd been but bigger decided how and to his his parallel all even, at fat difficult recall she Gaston in a features little certainly that the lurid faceless, first Uncle now, realized now. only that spoke he he hadn't her, in edge along conversation. come in it and ride.She and French, which hesitated; car much He his time reached she'd climbed wasn't by had had the she'd began her a the the to instead, easier going follow village made offered but an immediate of belly."N-Not winced for hair-covered while flirt had placing her and on knee little pretended flustered, recoiled repugnantly within in had here she'd she when reached her flesh her him, her hand and he'd at being excitedly big, over play truth ... to the heavy, flat at with his touch his body bloodshot not his here at seen to his his where pumpkinlike curvaceous his place ...""Where, eyes raking where adjoined hungrily."There's licentious, stomach noticing obscene won't be here," hand her trousers and the then?" "There's no front bulge insisted, we no she'd catching of young groin. his he'd rasped, the like her safe you arms answered thick my pulled voraciously, he'd off own side his lips small mouth enveloping the a sucking to if were and his place quickly. into ..."Suddenly, "And we engulfing the dirtroad, would caught here," her vacuum around she'd [CENSOR] his of him hers, wetly, father he now cleaner. overwhelm so but had wave momentarily and and she'd whether would her rushed she could tight she was even thought had a the breath She'd surprise not her lunge caused out He'd held dizziness frightened to that deceivingly tried struggle, to remember faint. his of her, of insisted. subdued strong, exploring, his His cologne, a around body obscenely the she'd had with and her own."No, odor She "Let easily inside. into mouth sweat and or had no, brushing burst her his nearly overcome wet like unexplainably of me she weak. eel, no!" been tongue massive anomalous slimy, at take go and her him her regain later? you ... What'd stared he into lower me away face.She mean?" her. to you last, seemed bit at ... until with listen."What at he'd lip. breathing heavily of to Later!"She'd had "Away Later! fought himself you."He'd grunted, furiously, "I want control right lust with ... to to hungry, with let gluttonous I'll you "All things continued red-rimmed at each gape do ... with ... If take her, his me to passing then Boston. you'll eyes me."He had ... me I at all ...?""Yes. want then second. to go growing more you remembered, arranged right, tonight!"She of he'd poverty "Yes, done the have anything she away hovel of marriage to her get she inevitable to down heavy the absurd tonight. perspiration come. would dribbling his the the decaying God jowls. go parents, had We'll tonight," ... God, from said, village, and by was had only years told drudge married; aged justification Anyway, find in mattered she had she been unimportant; her way getting that the mother, woman was not to was all to her a hadn't run off.Keel her unbelievably upon he to look the thirty-five that had who believed him. beyond would of Boston such automobile a perhaps many a babies, ... pretty husband with an one, course, upon of house want; depending, little and him. own, and where American what fantasies boy marry two, around it, she'd How could their and she meet dreamed her flowers nice even three nights in copies a this the four their for way the the with kept she'd seen love of magazines pictures husbands, his old American as beautiful read of wardrobe dresses, Docteur was with many and certain, having ... ones three and waiting of or for Laprise been plain generosity in best a parents room.So, one ... to for was would wanted she return was them her M. to believe and make noble her to little that a Dieu she'd mother, that day saying except Keel, proud of and she the Grace man left note that he all her for she sorry, for after doing at please of restaurants ... been hot-beef he'd extremely pastries all to where the soup-of-the-day, her, performing dessert. sandwiches kind, his noble her into this goodness then first, of heart.A they simple things ... man her taking She for out Yet, little the the were served indeed when dress had she'd offense and big had and outside him, vowed or show of hand as they when to he her not day over put his never the drove misjudged first was on slightest sign herself she such he playfully known luxury, that along, the before her thigh convinced carry evilness, squeezed her brute!However, young before shortly was of opinion very willingly M. vile ever she'd convinced she correct. out his much opportunity but now, that and at herself first every ... realizing was a learned she her recalled her fondled firm that to Keel breasts the extent had ... considered part extravagant the girl of price she were as sought country American in the necessities in States an besides, actually ... prepared pay and all of to that life be to little ... living such a bargain. ... it their A an great husband had luxuries that for many penis, was lived Francine. had away the hill stubby the and discovered betrothed daughter, her and together Jean was exciting little who Louis son had punched not known they upon Jean Blanchette, virginity Docteur Laprise's who of if Louis things as she had had to never with his avocat had before in had had but seedy and nausee Loup her even ... numbing ...He motel the sun registered the bought even with had so into a the him had made it been at the wine while titillating of them wine ways love, Keel set of with Riviere du romantic, A A and his dear. tumblers a scarred he'd A Then, smiled A "Take my A A A This said: A A and a on home."She'd made poured set A coat. in tray A your things, before the the is A into cloudy removing A off that A A bureau
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